What Are Skateboard Bearings?

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what are skateboard bearings

What Are Skateboard Bearings? Skateboard bearings are small circular metal devices, which facilitate smooth rotation of the wheels during cruising. People add a cylindrical rod to maintain the alignment of the bearings in the wheel. This cylindrical object is called a spacer. The spacer helps in a balanced cruising experience. The spacer prevents the bearings to shift to the center.

Let us discuss more the structure of the skateboard bearings. The skateboard bearings have a large outer ring and a small inner ring. These rings comprise small steel balls which facilitate the rotation of Bearings are comprised of a large outer ring and a smaller inner ring. Between these rings, are small steel balls that facilitate in smooth rotation of the wheels.

The bearings have a shield on the side of the body. The shield prevents dirt or moisture to come in contact with the bearings. Generally, the shield of the skateboard bearings is made of rubber. This protects the bearings from rust. Finally, the entire bearing is placed in a ball cage. So, the basic components are: –

  • Outer ring
  • Inner ring
  • Steel balls
  • Shield
  • Ball cage

What are skateboard bearings made of?

what are skateboard bearings

Skateboard bearings are available in two materials. They are steel bearings and ceramic bearings. Steel bearings are relatively less costly than ceramic ones. Steel bearings offer a smooth cruising experience.

But, the quality of the steel varies from brand to brand. Cheap quality steel produces more friction, heat, and noise. You will have to invest more amount on steel bearings to have a noise-free and zero-friction cruising experience.

On the other hand, you won’t find such petty problems in ceramic bearing. Ceramic bearings are very smooth in texture absorb heat and do not produce any noise. The best ceramic bearings are quite costly but worth the money.

What are skateboard bearings used for?

Skateboard bearings are the ultimate device to attain the highest speed on your skateboard. Generally, a skateboard calls for two pairs of bearings in each wheel. So, skateboard bearings are available in a set of 8. Well-oiled and rustproof skateboard bearings are used for a smooth cruising experience on a skateboard. Skateboard bearings are the reason why the wheels of a skateboard roll.

What are skateboard bearings sizes?

what are skateboard bearings

Skateboard bearings have a universal size. All skateboard bearings can fit any skateboard truck irrespective of the brand. Generally, the core of the skateboard bearings is 8mm, the outer diameter is 22mm and finally, the width is 7mm. Each wheel requires a pair of bearings and these skateboard bearings are available in a set of 8.

What Are Skateboard Bearings? FAQs

1. What are good skateboard bearings?

Good skateboard bearings must be noise-free and waterproof. Better quality skateboard bearings have a rubber enclosure to prevent the bearings from moisture and dirt.

2. What are the fastest skateboard bearings?

Bones Swiss Ceramics are the fastest skateboard bearings in the market. They have the best bearings that produce zero friction.

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