Deck Comparison: Which Materials Are Best For Longboarding?

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Deck Comparison: Which Materials Are Best For Longboarding?

There are different composites for a longboard deck which makes them durable, stable, and smooth. In the section below learn about the materials that are the best for longboarding while you choose the best longboard deck

Best Materials For Longboarding Decks

Along with a composite of laminate, there are three different materials that are best for making a longboard deck. These are –

  • Maplewood
  • Bamboo and 
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Maplewood: This wood is gathered from the maple tree which is grown across the artic and cold regions. Maplewood is steady, tough, and durable and so it makes the longboards dependable. In fact, longboards made from Maplewood are very popular. Apart from Maplewood, a construction of very thin sheets of ply or veneer are also mixed while making the longboard.  Ply gives elasticity to the deck making it easier to lift in the air.

While constructing the deck either Maplewood or birch is used along with a composite of veneer sheets which are stacked on top of each other and glued. More veneers make the deck heavier and firmer.

  • Bamboo: This is another best material for the construction of the longboard deck. These are budget-friendly and durable. Bamboo laminate sheets are pressed vertically and then jammed with either fiberglass or other materials. It gives flexibility to the deck of the longboard almost like a spring and also keeps it smooth and soft as well. 

Bamboo longboards are much lighter and are an environment-friendly option too. This is why its demand is becoming higher. Moreover bamboo is capable of lasting perfectly even under harsh weather conditions and so these longboard decks are durable.

  • Carbon Fiber: This is a far more superior material than wood or bamboo and so is the most popular as well. The manufacturer says that it is six to eight times stronger and more durable than wood. The durability and high quality also make them highly-priced longboards too. 

For making such types of decks bamboo is used because it is much lighter in weight than Maplewood. A composite of carbon fiber is made and wrapped over the bamboo-made board. It gives rigidity to the board making them sustain the pressures of free riding downhill. This type of longboard lasts much longer than the other two types as well. So, these are the major three types of materials for longboards that are better than other materials.

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