From Downhill To Freeride: How To Choose The Right Deck For Different Longboarding Styles

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From Downhill To Freeride: How To Choose The Right Deck For Different Longboarding Styles

Longboard decks have been designed in a way that they would take care of every riding style. As you get ready to choose the best longboard deck find it out here how shall you choose the right deck for different styles, right from downhill to freeride.

  • Downhill Longboard Decks: If you wish to ride faster and race with your friends then downhill longboard decks are the best ones to suit your longboarding style. These are capable of handling sharp turns and great speeds across mountain roads. Generally, the decks of these longboards have a diagonal shape with stiff construction. If you are a beginner then a twenty-five-inch base of the wheel shall be appropriate for you.
  • Carving Longboard Decks: If you like to carve down a path, hill, or street then this is the perfect deck to have for your longboarding style. It has a flexible construction and comes in different sizes too making it easier for carving.
  • Freestyle Longboard Decks: These decks are versatile and can blend in different longboarding styles too. Generally, they are of medium size having a symmetrical shape. There are kicktails and flexible constructions at the ends. So if you are interested in learning multiple longboard riding styles then this is just the one for you.
  • Longboard Commuter Decks: If you wish to commute over longer distances using the longboard then, this is the one that you must have. The longer wheelbase will give stability and save your energy when the body is moving against gravity.
  • Longboard Cruiser Decks: It gives you a versatile setup, so if this is what you are looking for then, this is the right one for your longboarding style. The long blur lines make up for the tight corners and cracks on the road and save the body from experiencing road shocks.
  • Freeride Longboard Deck: This allows you to slide on the road very smoothly just like snowboarding. The deep concave and symmetrical shape helps you with performing spins, switching slides, and drifting corners too. Beginners can use a longer wheelbase and seasoned riders can use a shorter wheelbase. If you like to longboard across tight spaces with steep downhill slides then this is just the perfect deck to have.
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