Longboard Deck Shape: How to Choose the Right Shape For Your Riding Style

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Longboard Deck Shape: How to Choose the Right Shape For Your Riding Style

There are a variety of deck shapes of a longboard based on the different riding styles. While you choose the best longboard deck, learn how you can choose the right longboard deck shape for your riding style.

Choosing The Right Longboard Deck Shape

  • Pintail: This longboard resembles the shape of a leaf or a boat even. The deck is concave and flat. This structure makes it very smooth for riding and so is very ideal for beginners. It is one of the classic and most popular types of longboards.  The well-rounded board makes it perfectly suitable for large-sized campus cruisers.
  • Fishtail: The back of this longboard deck has a long end and resembles the tail of a fish. The radial concave is much steeper in it. Due to this concave and low flex, it gives the rider more space for keeping the heel and toe. If you like great speed and make wide carvings while riding then this is the perfect one for your style of riding.
  • Kicktail: Although it is similar to a pintail deck but has more features. The deck of it has a low-grade concave giving the rider more utility and control; while riding. You do not even have to bend too low for picking up this longboard deck. If you have a steady riding style then this is the one for you.
  • Drop Through: The deck has cutout-outs over the nose and the tail. Due to this shape, the truck can be mounted on the top. This is also suitable for beginners because it gives stability during riding and controls the speeds very easily as well.
  • Double Drop: These are also called low riders because the deck makes you arch low on the ground. It is mostly used by downhill riders and you will not find them on regular roads that much. 
  • Drop Down: The center of gravity is lower in these decks. If you crave the thrill of high-speed riding downhill then this is perfectly suitable for you.
  • Cruiser: Compared to the other longboard decks this deck is a little smaller. If you enjoy the thrill of intense carving with high speed and sharp turns then this is the perfect one for you. the small size of it helps in building great speed yet keeps you in control too. It is also easy to carry as well.
  • Symmetrical Topmount: The symmetrical design of its deck makes it very easier for you to steer it down the road in whichever direction you wish. You can do it in a smooth flow and do not have to stop it while making a turn in a different direction. The medium concave shape of the deck makes it easier to control. If you like a steady ride in a good flow without having to halt then this is the best for your riding style.
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