How To Clean Skateboard Wheels?

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how to clean skateboard wheels

People cruise on a skateboard on rocky roads, hilly tracks, dirt roads, sandy trails, etc. Such tracks harm the texture of the wheels. Removing loose dirt, dust, and rock particles is essential to maintain your skateboard wheels. People ask how to clean skateboard wheels.

How to clean skateboard wheels without removing them?

how to clean skateboard wheels

Generally, the cleaning process of the skateboard wheels is very elaborate. People tend to open up the wheels and pry out the bearings to clean. But you can have a basic cleaning process without removing the wheels. Take a rag or soft scrubber to remove loose dirt particles or any visible murk. Try and avoid contact with moisture. It is important to dry the wheels completely if there is any contact with moisture.

How to clean white skateboard wheels?

White skateboard wheels are popular for their aesthetic. But, it is difficult to maintain white skateboard wheels. They must be thoroughly cleaned by removing the wheels from the skateboard. The bearings must be removed before soaking the wheels in the water. Make sure the water is lukewarm, and add some recommended cleaner. Scrub the surface thoroughly to clean the white wheels of the skateboard.

How to clean vintage skateboard wheels?

If you have got old skateboard wheels, handle them with extra precaution while cleaning. Be careful when you remove the wheel from the skateboard. Don’t lose the knot and bolt because finding a spare in the market can be difficult. Then you can follow the regular process of cleaning the skateboard wheels.

Best way to clean skateboard wheels

how to clean skateboard wheels

Check the following tips to learn the best method of cleaning skateboard wheels.

  • The first step is to remove the wheels from the skateboard. Remove the wheels from the truck using the t-shaped wrench, half-inch wrench, vice grip, or crescent wrench. Do not lose the bolts and nuts of the wheels.
  • Pry out the bearings after you remove the wheels. A truck axle will be of much help. Remove all the bearings and safely store the spacer between the bearings.
  • It is recommended to go through the care guide of the bearings. Handel the bearings with extra care to avoid any damage on the metal surface. 
  • You can scrub the surface with an old cloth, toothbrush, or scrubber to clean the wheel. You can submerge the wheels in lukewarm soap water to loosen up the dirt. Dry the wheels thoroughly to avoid any damage. 


1. How to clean dirty skateboard wheels?

If you don’t have time in hand, you can clean the visible murk and dirt by scrubbing the surface of the wheels with an old rag or toothbrush.

2. How to clean dirt off skateboard wheels?

You can clean the dirt off the skateboard wheels by simply removing the wheels from the truck using the t-shaped wrench, half-inch wrench, vice grip, or crescent wrench.

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