The Relationship Between Longboard Shoes And Board Set Up

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The Relationship Between Longboard Shoes And Board Set Up

Both the longboard shoes and the board setup play a huge factor in your longboarding experiences. A proper longboard shoe that fits well with your longboard setup will not only help you to have better balance, stability, and smoothness while longboarding but will also protect your feet from getting hurt too. So, as you choose the best longboard shoes, find out about the relationship between them and the board setup.

Longboard Shoes And Board Set Up

Longboard shoes are made using a different technology that differentiates them from other regular shoes. And these shoes along with the board set up play an important role in your longboarding experience. These shoes are designed keeping in mind multiple factors about the board set up like the shape of the longboard, the length of it, the wheels it uses, and also the types of terrains it is meant for use.

Based on the above factors of longboards, the shoes are designed with greater durability and more grip. The soles of the shoes to are given a waffle pattern to them to give your feet a better grip keeping in mind the feet turn sweaty during extended longboarding sessions.

Longboarding shoes with thick soles make it difficult for handling the longboards while cruising, turning, making a flip, or even trying other tricks too. So, keeping in view the longboard set up the soles are made thinner so that after you make a flip it leaves a lesser impact of road shock on the legs and protects the feet too.

The shape of the longboard to creates pressure on the feet while surfing across steep terrains or rough surfaces and so, extra padding is given to the shoes to keep the feet comfortable. Cupsole and vulcanized soles are mostly used inside the shoes. It gives protection as well as makes the shoes lighter for smooth longboarding.

To leave a greater impact on your longboarding experience and a lesser impact on your feet toe caps, heel protection, double-wrapped foxing tape, different collars, and gusset tongues are given on the shoes too based on the board setup, and the type of wheels it has. Indeed, there is a relationship between longboard shoes and board set up and the shoes are made keeping in view the factors of a longboard.

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