How To Tighten Longboard Trucks?

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How To Tighten Longboard Trucks

You want to go longboarding, but the trucks are way too loose. It is uncomfortable with loose trucks, and there are chances you might get hurt, want to know how to tighten longboard trucks? The below article will help you just right for tightening your longboard trucks.

How to fix squeaky longboard trucks?

How to fix squeaky longboard trucks

Your aggressive use of the longboard can cause squeaking noises. Don’t worry, we will not ask you to stop using it as you wish, but instead, we have a method that will help you eliminate these annoying sounds. Following is the method to prevent squeaky noises on your longboard:

  • First, remove the hanger from the longboard, then take a few shavings of wax or bar soap.
  • The pivot is the origin of squeaky noises; thus, dropping the shavings in it and gliding the substance around the area will be enough.

Instead of bar soap, liquid soap can be used in an emergency but will turn into a sticky gel after drying, so you better search for it. This action will not only help push away the annoying noise but will also cause the movements of the longboard to smoothen.

How to fix rattling longboard trucks?

Rattling noises can be heard when the bushing washers or other bots are not tight enough. After buying or servicing a longboard, it is your responsibility to check if the parts are settled correctly to ride. Even after you readjust them, there are chances you might have let loose one or a couple of bolts. To prevent rattling noises on longboards, read the following:

  • Tighten all the bolts, nuts, and bushing washers before going using the longboard.
  • Readjust the longboard all over again and tighten the needed parts again.

How to tighten trucks on a longboard?

Letting loose of your bolts, nuts, and other longboard parts can pass on serious damage to you. How to tighten longboard trucks? In this article, you will find two different and simple methods to tighten longboard trucks.

How to tighten longboard trucks? –

How to tighten longboard trucks

Method 1 –

Grab your longboard and flip it over.

Check if the tracks are loose by trying to move them in inappropriate directions.

With the help of a tightening tool, tighten the big nut in the center of the truck.

Test the process by riding on your longboard.

Method 2 –

Readjust your bushing washer according to your preference

Maybe try to replace the trucks with new or at least better ones

You can add risers to increase the board’s height, automatically decreasing the vibrations.


1. How to tighten skateboard trucks?

You can try replacing the trucks themselves with new ones if you can, or else, do one simple thing. Tighten the center nut placed between the trucks of the longboard. Make sure all nuts are tight enough.

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