Pintail Longboarding For Commuting: Pros and Cons

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Like all other outdoor sports activities, Pintail too has its advantages and disadvantages too. While buying the best pintail longboard, know about the pros and cons of pintail longboarding for commuting.

Pros And Cons Of Pintail Longboarding For Commuting

Pintail longboards offer great stability while commuting on the street.Due to its enormous length, it is very difficult to manage a pintail longboard on a crowded street 
It is a comfortable way of commuting on the streetThese are not bi-directional and so if you are not careful while making a hundred and eighty degrees turn, you can end up being in the wrong way.
A very budget-friendly alternative for daily commuting especially long distances.Not good for short-distance commuting.
The top mount design gives good traction.If you are not careful while riding, the pintail longboard shall slip under your heels and make you fall on your back causing injury.
With a pintail longboard, it is easy to pick up speed especially if you are in a rush to reach somewhere.Not all parts of the road will be suitable for commuting on a pintail longboard. A rough road will either damage the wheels or make you lose balance. 
You can easily fix any hardware issue on it while commuting. it does not require you to have any technical brilliance.If you are riding for a distance and suddenly you need to make a halt, it is very difficult to do it immediately.

As you can see, commuting on a pintail longboard has its pros and cons and so it is entirely dependent on the user about how he uses it for commuting.

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