How To Turn On A Skateboard?

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how to turn on a skateboard

Learning how to get on a skateboard is the first step for anyone who desires to learn the sport. Once you are comfortable with your stance and have practiced getting on and off the board, you are ready to learn how to turn on a skateboard.

How to turn on a skateboard for beginners?

If you are a complete beginner, the following steps will teach you how to turn on a skateboard

how to turn on a skateboard
  1. Get in motion: Push off and move forward using your rear leg. Bring your foot on the board after getting into motion.
  2. Be in the center: Position yourself on the board such that your front foot is right above the bolts while the rear foot is over the bolts at the back. It ensures that your mass is centered right above the board to keep your balance.
  3. Lean on: Bend yourself in the direction you wish to go in. 
  4. Maintain your balance: It is important to bend your knees while making a turn. Do not bend too much as you may fall. 
  5. Take it slow: To master turns, practice putting your weight on the side smoothly. Then, move to wider curves. 

How to turn on a skateboard ramp?

Turning on a ramp is trickier and takes time to master. However, with proper guidance, you can learn it quickly and safely.

  1. While going up the ramp, there may be a point when you want to turn back. It is where you can use kick-turn.
  2. You put your weight on the back of the board, bringing up the front wheels from the surface. 
  3. Using the rear end as a pivot, you turn the front wheels to turn back.

As simple as it may sound, it is harder to master. Some tips may help you in mastering the move. While going up the ramp, look in the direction you want to this and guide your body to move accordingly.

How to kick turn on a skateboard?

To make a successful kick turn, practice putting the tail of your board down. Once you can do that, rotate the front of the board in whichever way you wish to turn.

How to turn on a cruiser skateboard?

how to turn on a skateboard

Most of the cruiser skateboards have a kicktail turning upwards. Keep your knees bent to maintain stability. Cruise boards are small, so practicing balance is the key. To turn, bend your body in the direction you want to go.


1. How to turn around on a skateboard?

The simplest way to know how to turn on a skateboard is to keep your balance, bend your knees, and bend in the direction you want to go.

2. How to turn a corner on a skateboard?

When it comes to turning on corners, decide the direction in which you want to go, apply pressure on the back foot, swing your body in the direction you want to go in, and keep your balance.

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