The Art Of Freeriding: How To Master the Techniques Of Longboard Sliding

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The Art Of Freeriding: How To Master the Techniques Of Longboard Sliding

The art of longboard sliding is one of the most popular techniques among people who do longboarding. It needs skills and needs to perfect but the good news is that with the support of the best longboard slide wheels, you can easily master this technique.

The Techniques Of Longboard Sliding

  • Get the slide to a decent speed. Put the body weight on the center of the longboard while keeping the body relaxed and the knees bent.
  • Take a carve on the road that would adjust the body for the slide which you are about to make.
  • Keeping your knees low roll the backfoot. Ensure that the body weight is falling forward. Approach the slide with confidence.
  • Now go low and put your hand on the road towards your side. Keep leaning forward.
  • Keep your body weight on your hand while beginning the slide by swinging the arm that is free across the body. With more swinging, the board shall turn around easily. This will make it easier too for going back towards the right way.
  • Look over the shoulder at your back. As the wheels drift across the pavement and come to a halt, the longboard shall drift along a ninety degrees angle. Keep your body loose so that you get the slide along with the flow.
  • Ensure that you are looking towards where you are traveling. If you wish to slow down, use your hand which is on the road to change the momentum. You can try multiple ways too for bringing variation to your slide like using one foot for making the slide or without putting your hand on the road too.

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