Longboard Slide Wheels: How To Choose The Right Size And Shape For Your Riding Style

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How To Choose The Right Size And Shape For Your Riding Style

You can take your longboarding experiences to the next level if you choose the right size and shape of the best longboard slide wheels for your riding style. There are a few things you must consider while considering the profile of the longboard wheels which are diameter, width, and contact patch.


  • Big wheels have greater speed but lesser acceleration
  • Smaller wheels have lesser speed but greater acceleration
  • Lighter and smaller wheels slide far better than heavier and larger wheels
  • Bigger wheels glide smoothly over rough surfaces

Width And Contact Patch

The contact patch happens to be the width of the wheel that touches the ground. A wider contact patch gives a better grip but makes the slide less progressive. But also it makes lesser chances for you to get flat spots. On the other hand, narrow wheels are more loose and slider but wear out easily.

  • Freeride Or Sliding Style: For freestyle riding or sliding the wheels need to be loose with a predictable slide. These are also strong and cheap. Search for narrow contact patch, strong core, width, and hard duro having 80a slide. The radius on the edges of these wheels shall be between 65 to 70mm in diameter.
  • Commuting And Cruising Style: If you have a cruising style then more than the shape these wheels must have a good roll speed and high rebound. The radius at the edges of these wheels helps to roll. Because of its large diameter, the wheels roll for a longer time. But if you look for longboarding across longer distances then smaller wheels are more appropriate. it gives quicker acceleration.
  • Steep And DownhillStyle: If your style of riding is more about downhill, you will need wheels that give you more control and grip. For grip try to choose wheels that have a slide, flexy lips, and a square shape. The diameter of the contact patch must be between 70 to 80mm.
  • Slalom Style: For this style of riding the wheels requires to be demanding having different shapes, especially at the forefront wheel. The diameter must be small and limited within the range of 65 to 72mm to give quicker acceleration. It must also have square lips and a wide contact patch for giving g better grip.
  • For Tricks And Stunts: If you are more about tricks and stunts then choose wheels that are small, light, and give you a smooth slide. It must also have a narrow contact patch at the radius too for giving you better control.

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