The Best Electric Skateboard Under 800: A Buyer’s Guide

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best electric skateboard under 800

Skateboarding is a favorite pastime for people of all ages. Be it kids or adults, everybody loves to experience the magic of skateboarding. Now skateboards have upgraded, and the ones conquering the markets are the electric skateboards. Here you can get information on the best electric skateboard under 800 and the best off-road electric skateboard under 500.



OUTAD Electric Skateboard

  • Powered by a 350 W hub motor and 4000 mAh lithium battery

  • 24 GHZ Wireless Remote

  • 7 layers rock hard maple deck

BLITZART Huracane Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard 

  • Top speed of up to 23 MPH

  • 2021 New Released Wireless Remote

  • Max weight of 250 lb

  • 3.5" Wheels 700W Brushless Hub-Motor

Best electric skateboard under 800

Consider these factors before buying the best electric skateboard under 800.

1. Size

The size of the skateboard depends on the user. The user must choose a skateboard according to their height. 

2. Shape

Various models and shapes are available for electric skateboards. 

3. Speed

The speed of the skateboard depends on the user’s weight, so to get a perfect speed to choose the skateboard accordingly.

4. Battery

The battery life depends on the distance, and for a one-time recharge, you might be able to cover a distance of 12 to 15 km. 

5. Wheels

The wheels are an important part of a skateboard, so they must be of high quality. Rubber wheels work the best and avoid friction and give a smooth ride. 

6. Controls

While going downhill, there are restrictions to braking abilities. But the rest of the time, brakes work properly with good battery life and will eradicate the obstacles in the path. 

You can find information on the best electric skateboard under 800 and on the best off-road electric skateboard under 500.

Best electric skateboard under 800 reviews

1. OUTAD Electric Skateboard

best electric skateboard under 800


Brand:          OUTAD

Colour:        Regular

Deck width: 7.5 inches

Material:      Maple 

Capacity:      68 kg 


The battery charge remains for a longer time than you can expect it to. You can ride a distance of up to 12km with a 300- 1000 full charge cycle without any breakage.


This electric skateboard comes with a wireless remote, the widest deck, and the wheels are large and of the best quality compared to other skateboards. It can give you memorable rides without much manual work where you can enjoy skating and at the same time save yourself from any injury.


Perfect for short rides like school or college.


Works for one hour without interruption.


Not suitable for riding in the water.

What’s new?

Best for beginners in the sense that with simple controls, one can easily learn to ride the skateboard.

Why you should buy it?

It is reasonably priced and best for kids and beginners to learn and experience the thrill of skateboarding.

2. BLITZART Huracane Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard 

best electric skateboard under 800


Brand:          B BLITZART

Material:      Maple


Length:        38 Inches

Color:          Black


Material:      Polyurethane


Capacity:      250 Pounds


The electric skateboard is highly built and constructed with maple wood, bamboo, and grape tape. It provides the skateboard with long-lasting durability, and when it comes to speed, it has a maximum constant pickup of 23mph because of its dual hub motor.


This is the best off-road electric skateboard under 500, giving the rider pleasant riding with good speed and high battery life. Easy to install and with low maintenance, it is budget-friendly.


It gives you a great skateboarding experience and helps you cover a long distance in a short time.


Best Construction

Faster battery charging

Flexible and sturdy


Difficult to repair

Weight limit of 250lb

What’s new?

The skateboard has a dual hub motor that can easily handle the person’s weight. You can have great fun riding this skateboard since the user need not push the skateboard.

Why you should buy it?

High-quality material and high functionality. It is a very useful product for covering short distances.


1. Is 10 mph fast for an electric skateboard?

Usually, the speed of an electric skateboard varies from 18 mph to 25 mph. So 10 mph is a little slow for an electric skateboard. Even beginners and kids can start at the speed of 18 mph. 

2. Can you ride an electric skateboard in the rain?

Riding an electric skateboard in the rain or on slippery roads is not recommended. Water enters the metallic part of the board, which causes rust to the bearings and sticks to the truck too.

3. Is it worth getting an electric skateboard?

The advantage of an electric skateboard is that you can go anywhere quickly and affordably. Compared to a non-electric skateboard and longboard, an electric skateboard can give you a relaxing ride without exerting too much force.

4. Can you control the speed on an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards have an electric motor that drives the skateboard.

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