The Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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best all-terrain electric skateboard

Know everything about the Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard below. Skateboarding is fun, has many advantages that improve reflexes, patience, and pain tolerance, and even works as a stress reliever. This can be quite addictive, and you feel like being in your comfort zone. Some people enjoy skateboarding on the weekend, while some participate in sports.

To fill your skateboarding experience with more ease, many companies have been working on developing electric skateboards. It even helps you to transport easily without much of a sweat. So here is the guide for buying the best all-terrain electric skateboard and the most reliable products to choose from.

Best All-Terrain Electric Skate Board – Buying Guide

There are different choices for the best all-terrain electric skateboard out there. Here are some factors to look for before making the purchase.

  • Range – for the best all-terrain electric skateboard under $500, the range that you get is approximately somewhere near 15mph, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Motor – the best budget all-terrain electric skateboard has a reliable motor that you can enjoy easily. It performs well and does not show any technical issues.
  • Speed – this is a factor why people are in love with skateboards. And in the case of an electric skateboard, the speed may vary with different motors or battery sizes.
  • Material – the high build quality of any electric skateboard will depend mostly on its materials. The best all-terrain skateboard under $1000 will have the best-in-class materials and provide high functionality and reliability.

Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Reviews:

1. BLITZART Huracane Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard

best all-terrain electric skateboard


  • Brand: B BLITZART
  • Material: Maple
  • Deck Length: 38 Inches
  • Color: Black
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 250 Pounds


The electric skateboard from the BLITZART range has a very high-built quality constructed with maple wood, bamboo, and grape tape. It provides the skateboard with long-lasting durability. Regarding speed, it has a maximum constant pickup of 23mph because of its dual hub motor equipped with a secured 36V lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charged within 3 hours. The board can be kicked like any other regular board without worrying about any damage.


This skateboard is highly productive and surpasses the regular boards regarding travel. With a decent speed and high battery life, the user does not have to sweat to go from one place to another. It is also completely lighter in weight, which provides a pleasant experience. With the easy installation and low requirements for maintenance, no wonder this is a perfect value-for-money product that you must have in your inventory.


This product can be used for covering distances rather than walking for miles. And at the same time can give you skateboarding adventures whenever you desire.


  • Best-in-class construction
  • Fast charging batteries
  • Flexible and sturdy


  • In case of mechanical error, the repairing can be a trouble.
  • It has a weight limit of 250lb

Why you should buy it?

It is a very useful product that can be used for fun and easily cover short distances. And being built with high-quality material, it has high functionality.

What’s New in The Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard?

These skateboards are equipped with a dual hub motor that can take a person’s weight easily. Since it can accelerate without any push from the user, it becomes easier to have fun with it. Let us now see the FAQ on the Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard below.

Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard: FAQ

Can electric skateboards go downhill?

Yes, an electric skateboard can go downhill easily and without consuming motors’ power.

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