Best Electric Skateboard Under 300 In Fashion

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best electric skateboard under 300

Skateboards have become a new hobby among kids and teenagers. To level it up, electric skateboards have crashed the markets. Many best electric skateboards under 300 are available. In electric skateboards, you can control the speed through a remote controller. 



OUTAD Electric Skateboard

  • 1 Hour Riding Time

  • 9 Miles Mileage Range

  • Energy Regeneration

Youth Electric Skateboard

  • Wireless Remote Control

  • Long Range & High Speed

  • High-Grip Urethane Wheels

  • No Assembly Required

Workrays Electric Skateboard

  • Ergonomic Wireless Remote

  • Easy to use

  • 2 Speed Levels

Best Electric Skateboard Under 300 – Buying Guide

  1. Size- the skateboard size depends on the user. The user must choose a skateboard according to their height. 
  2. Shape- various models are available for electric skateboards. The shape depends on your choice. 
  3. Speed- the speed of the skateboard depends on the user’s weight. So you must choose the skateboard according to your weight to have a perfect speed. 
  4. Battery- the battery life depends on the distance. One recharge might work for 12 to 15 km. 
  5. Wheels- the wheels play an important part here, so they must be of high quality. Rubber wheels work best and avoid friction. They should help you have a smooth ride. 
  6. Controls- going downhill restricts braking abilities. But the rest of the time, the brakes work properly, considering the battery and the obstacles in the path. 

All these facilities are available in the best electric skateboard under 300. 

The Best Electric Skateboard Under 300 Reviews

1. OUTAD Electric Skateboard– 

best electric skateboard under 300

Description: Brand- OUTAD

                     Colour- Regular

                     Deck width- 7.5 inches

                     Material- Maple 

                     Capacity- 68 kg 

Performance: the battery works for longer than expected. Once fully charged, within 3 hours, you can ride it for almost 12 km. 

Comparison: it comes with a wireless remote and the widest deck. The wheels are large and of better quality than the rest.

Usage: it can be used for short rides to your school or college. 

Pros: it works continuously for one hour.

Cons: you can’t ride this skateboard on the water. 

What’s new: it is easy to handle with simple controls. Beginners can use it to learn to ride. 

Why you should buy it: it is affordable and best for kids and beginners as the application is easy. 

2. Youth Electric Skateboard– 

best electric skateboard under 300

Description: Brand- Youth

                     Color- Black 

                     Deck width- 8 inches

                     Material- Maple

                     Capacity- 99kg 

Performance: the speed is as high as it is a fast electric skateboard. The wheels are shock-absorbent and very durable. 

Comparison: it has a high weight-carrying capacity compared to others. It improves the speed quality of the skateboard. It is the fastest electric skateboard. 

Usage: it can be used by kids and adults to cruise around a 15 km ride. You can take it to parks or go to buy groceries on this. You can use it for outdoor ridings.  

Pros: high-quality design in multiple ranges available, wide deck length, and high weight carrying capacity. 

Cons: the possibility of the lithium battery getting damaged.  

What’s new: it has a 250 W powerful motor that makes it more smooth and more fun to ride. Long-range is impressive and takes you wherever you want to in less time than required. 

Why you should buy it: this product is very durable and practical to use. The remote control is handy and easy to use. 

3. Workrays Electric Skateboard– 

best electric skateboard under 300

Description: Brand- Workrays

                     Color- Black 

                     Deck width- 6.5 inches

                     Material- Maple

                     Capacity- 80 kg 

Performance: the skateboard is portable, and the wheels can survive crash landings. It is the best mini electric skateboard for beginners. 

Comparison: it can be used even after the battery has been discharged. It has good speed quality considering the weight-carrying capacity. It is a mini electric skateboard. 

Usage: you can ride it to the nearest spots, such as schools, colleges, or parks. It can also be used to perform tricks and learn new skills.    

Pros: it has 3-speed levels and is easy to carry everywhere. 

Cons: small deck length. 

What’s new: it is electric as well as a longboard. As you can ride it even after power discharge makes it is impressive. 

Why you should buy it: it is available in different colors and designs and is very easy to access. It can make your long rides very short, smooth, and comfortable. 

Is 15 mph fast for an electric skateboard?

Usually, the speed of an electric skateboard varies from 18 mph to 25 mph. So 15 mph is a little slow for an electric skateboard. Even beginners and kids can start at the speed of 18 mph. 

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