The Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising in 2023

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best skateboard wheels for cruising

This is still tough to choose a cruiser, but in this article, we will explain the distinctions. Basic cruisers, agile combative cruisers, and other more costly items have been introduced. Finally, it depends on personal choice, and you won’t realize what you like unless you try a cruiser. Let us now go through the article on the best skateboard wheels for cruising.

Factors to look at while buying the skateboard for cruising

Although some resemble skateboards and some resemble longboards, the best word to explain is a cruiser board. Anything resembling the speed of a popsicle skateboard and the sensation of surfing a longboard, though not quite. Well, it’s something in between, ideal for short journeys but not for long hours of cruising.

There are several types of cruiser skateboards present, some look more like typical skateboards, while others are considerably longer and have varied truck combinations. Drop Decks, Top Mounts, Mini Cruisers, Old School & Filmer Cruisers, and Surf Skates are the five cruiser board classifications. Every class has a bit of a distinct ride and may be used differently – yet they all have the similar feature of sliding as smoothly as satin.

best skateboard wheels for cruising

Cruisers are a great deal of fun to experience, convenient to transport, and ideal for individuals who want a comfy ride while still hopping a few curbs.


A cruiser skateboard is considered to be the best skateboard wheel for cruising. Cruiser boards are semi-boards built for cruising streets that are longer than conventional longboards but slightly shorter than the longboard. Longboards are a great option for a lengthy, pleasant ride. They feature bigger and broader rollers than the cruisers board, enabling them to be more secure over greater distances and uneven topography.


If you enjoy cruising, you will want the greatest skateboarding tires for cruising. Skateboarding, unlike several other sports we’ve encountered, is more about the gear. You could be an amazing rider, however, if you do have improper skateboards or skateboard accessories, then efficiency and, ultimately, your enjoyment of skating will suffer.

Cruiser boards feature broader decks than standard skateboards, typically ranging more than eight and a half-inch. Cruiser boards also have bigger wheels, making them an excellent alternative for quick, quick cruising. Cruisers feature smoother wheels that can readily tackle bumpy conditions, in addition to larger tire diameter and superior stability. Cruiser skateboarding decks are therefore available in mini versions that are easier to transport. Skateboarders can cruise in either a conventional or a funny position. Skateboarders should adopt a posture that helps them feel most at ease when skating.

Simply said, a person can only be as effective as his or her equipment. This implies you must be informed to get the greatest skateboard for your needs.

The proper equipment would make you safe and prevent you from getting harmed. To safeguard the body from collision, use a helmet, comfortable shoes, wrist straps, and elbow pads. One of several tactics you must learn on your skateboard for safety is how to stop suddenly. Foot care brakes and slides are essential because they can assist you in slowing down from greater speeds, preventing major injury. Based on the posture, if you turn right or left is determined by transferring the body mass towards the toes or rearward towards the heels. Turning demands coordination and balance, and you’ll need to manage walkways, rough ground, and obstructions.


There are lots of best skateboard wheels for cruising. Here we have a comparison between some of the skateboard wheels that you can use and enjoy. 

These are suitable for novices. If you’re a beginner to skateboarding but want to someday master techniques or skate slopes, a rider with cruiser wheels is a terrific place to begin. You may practice skating while moving on to a dual or freestyle skateboard.

If you wish to go to a place by bike, you can use skateboards as an alternative. Cruiser wheels may be used on cruiser skateboards, and they’re perfect if you just want to skate around downtown on generally level ground instead of riding a bike.

They give a comfortable ride. Skateboard cruiser wheels, which are smoother than most other kinds of skateboard wheels, are intended to give a good ride quality. They move more smoothly and can withstand rough terrain than that other variety of wheels. 

best skateboard wheels for cruising


Skateboard wheels greatly influence how quickly you can go and how complex your ride is. Substantially larger wheels provide a better, more pleasant ride. They are also more suitable for biking across different terrains. For sharp turns and stunts, smaller wheels are preferable. Wider skateboard wheels provide a better ride but are not suitable for competitive riding.

Conscious preference may determine the best size for you. The person’s current weight could also influence which size feels the most comfortable. The durometer and size of skateboard wheels are evaluated. The durometer relates to the firmness of the tires. The diameter of the wheels is its real size. Millimeters are used to test the best skateboard wheels for street cruising. Most are between 50 and 75 millimeters in length.

The diameter of your wheels determines how precise the bends would be and how quickly your skateboard would move. Smaller wheels will slow you down, whereas larger wheels will accelerate you. Smaller wheels, on the other hand, are ideal for street skateboarding since they are lighter in weight and simpler to manage. Beginner skaters or those who use the skateboard for everyday mobility should remain with bigger wheels. It’s because a different size wheel gives better balance, which is perfect for vertical skateboarding or cruising.


The best skateboard wheels for cruising can withstand tremendous pressure while still providing excellent speed. You may move in peace since sounds will not bother you. It has a gripping edge that adds strength. You will get fantastic packaging. 

It is made of high-quality, long-lasting material at a reasonable cost and that would be ideal for cruising. It is a compact wheel with a compact dimension which gives you a Surprisingly smooth ride. Its wheels are really quick and designed to travel easily on uneven routes. It has sufficient bounce and speed.


Skateboard wheels for cruising do not hold any such considerable cons. However, there might be some issues you may face if you fail to make the correct choice of the skateboard. Skateboard wheels do more than simply make the skateboard look cool. They also influence how quickly you can travel, how well you manage diverse topography, and how difficult your ride is. While making decisions, there are various factors to consider. While most skateboard wheels for cruisers are composed of polyurethane, you must still decide what length and durometer are ideal for you.

What’s New? 

The wheels are fantastic for newbies. It’s completely true. The equilibrium is amazing, and newbies can easily handle it. They are also intended for riding, skating, and short boarding on flat concrete surfaces. Good quality bearings are used on this skateboard. As a result, moving downhill is quite easy.

The best skateboard trucks and wheels for cruising are extremely stable because of their gripping edge. They are accessible in various colors like black, blue, red, etc. The wheels are smooth and clever enough to conceal the fractures at 83A durometer. Nonetheless, the packaging is sleek, clean, and appealing.

Why should you buy it? 

This skateboard is reasonably priced and glides well and that can be a perfect reason to buy this skateboard. The hues of the tires are extremely stunning and one-of-a-kind. They are also quite fast. The most exciting aspect of this skateboarding wheel was that it could travel on any type of difficult terrain. The Skateboard Wheel is very compact and enables a seamless slide of a wide variety of substrates.

This ride will make you feel secure on a rocky road. In a beginning, you won’t be dealing with it. It has the ideal size proportion and is not too difficult. They’re also not overly loud or annoying. It is sleek and sturdy due to its high toughness and 78D core.


1. What are the best longboard wheels for cruising?

You must always choose the most appropriate wheels for the situation. However, several longboard producers aren’t always concerned with individual users’ tastes. That’s why certain standard wheels are disappointing to several users. The best skateboard wheels for street cruising are the ones that are flexible and provide the grip for rough terrain. Smooth feels are required for greater cruiser rides.

2. What type of skateboard wheels are good for cruising?

Flexible wheels with durometer ratings ranging from 78a to 87a are ideal for driving, shooting, and traversing difficult terrain. It’s for you if you typically use your skateboard for transit or non-trick purposes. A smoother tire would glide over dangerous things with greater gripping and stability.

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