The Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers for Your Boat – Buyer’s Guide

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best wakeboard tower speakers

It is a known fact that great music brings out the happiest you. Wakeboarding is a thrilling sport. What better way to experience it in its totality than with the help of the best wakeboard tower speakers? The speakers are small, easy to transport, and mount on your boat tower. Following are some key points to remember while choosing tower speakers.

Best wakeboard tower speakers-Buying Guide

  • Water and weather resistant
  • The best wakeboard tower speakers are the ones that are small and easy to carry.
  • Woofer
  • Durability

Best wakeboard tower speakers Product Description

1. Pyle Marine Speakers

best wakeboard tower speakers

These waterproof speakers are perfect for a good day outdoors. Add excitement to wakeboarding by choosing from the best Bluetooth wakeboard tower speakers.


  • Power Output: 180 Watt MAX
  • Speaker size: 5.25’’
  • Total Speaker Diameter: 6.4”
  • Molded ABS Machined Basket and Grill
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Bluetooth speakers


These portable, water-resistant, and weather-resistant marine speakers are perfect for you when you go wakeboarding. They have anti-corrosion properties and can withstand water splashes and other weather conditions. It makes them the best cheap wakeboard tower speakers.


Compared to other similar models available in the market, it is much smaller and lightweight. So, it can easily be transported from one place to another. These wakeboard tower speakers have 2-way full-range audio for a complete stereo speaker system, making them the best-sounding wake tower speakers. They are also the best cheap wakeboard tower speakers.


The waterproof marine speakers are weather resistant. It makes them perfect for a day’s outing. These are the best Bluetooth wakeboard tower speakers. It has a low-profile design and can be easily installed on marine watercraft and other off-road vehicles.


  • Waterproof
  • Two speakers of standard size of 5.25 inches each
  • Anti-corrosion feature
  • Power output is 180 Watt max
  • Low profile design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Engineered with ABS machined gasket and grill
  • Universal OEM replacement standard size
  • Marine watercraft, for boat, and off-road vehicles


  • Smaller size

What’s new?

The set of two Pyle marine speakers is a low-profile slim-style speaker. It has two-way full-range audio for a stereo speaker system. It is easy to install and is also stylish. These speakers are made of aluminum housing for a durable structure. They are engineered with ABS machines gasket and grill to withstand sun damage. It has a power output of 180 Watt max, a frequency response of 80 Hz-18KHz, and 4 Ohms impedance. It makes them the best bass wake tower speakers.

Considering all this, these are the best-sounding wake tower speakers for a reasonable price. 

Why should you buy it?

These marine speakers are constructed with stainless steel and other durable materials. They make the best outdoor speakers as they are water-resistant. These are the best bass wake tower speakers you can find. 


1.What are the best wakeboard tower speakers?

Pyle Marine Speakers

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