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primitive skateboard review

Read on to know Primitive Skateboard Review here. A primitive skateboard is a company that manufactures skateboards, started by skateboarders in 2008 by Paul Rodriguez and his team of skateboarders. It began as a skateboard and clothing store and ultimately entered the market in 2014. They sell wheels, grip tapes, completes, and other accessories for skateboards, T-shirts, and facemasks.

Let’s look into Primitive Skateboard reviews and product specifications to understand what suits your needs.

Factors to consider while reviewing primitive skateboards

Usually, skateboards are mainly purchased for kids and teenagers, which are crucial to consider before buying a skateboard.

  • Size :

Kids are of different ages, and size differs for other age groups. The deck can be full, mid, mini, or micro and can be chosen carefully.

  • Type of skating : 

Whether you want to do ice, inline, or roller skating, all your needs must be covered while buying.

  • Gears and Helmet: 

Check for gears, and a helmet is also provided on the website, so all your needs are met at one-stop

  • Quality of deck :

The type of wood used has to be reviewed to be saved from cheap products, so it’s really important to choose your decks carefully. Click here

These articles can be helpful while deciding how to buy skateboards. These articles can be helpful while deciding how to buy skateboards

Let’s peek into Primitive Skateboards Products

Primitive Skateboard Complete Dirty P Creation 8.25″ Assembly

1. Primitive Dirty P Skateboard review

primitive skateboard review


Manufacturer: Primitive Skateboarding

Deck Size:‎ 8.25 inches width

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Dimensions : ‎7 x 33 x 11 inches

Performance :

Ranked among the top 1000 in standard skateboards and 647 in outdoor sports equipment, the wood used makes it easy to perform tricky moves and skate smoothly on rough surfaces.

The foam grip, wheels, and every part of this primitive, dirty p skateboard help in holding position without falling, and your skate ride is fun.

Comparison :

Using 7-ply maple wood and wheels of a smaller diameter of 52mm makes the balance easier, and skaters can get the best of their talent with this product.

  Usage :

Primitive, dirty P is a complete skateboard, so it doesn’t require any assembly and is ready to use. Reviewers say that grippy, sturdy, comfortable, and loads of fun to use.

Pros :

  • Durable nose and tail area


  • Stiff and compressed feeling due to smaller wheels.

What’s New? 

It’s uni-sex, meaning it can be bought for girls and boys who can enjoy these boards.

Why should you buy it? 

  • Ratings: Primitive, dirty p skateboard reviews by users have also been great, with 4.4 to 4.9 ratings which makes it clear why to buy it
  • Technical details: Repeatedly, as mentioned, the wood, resin, and metals used to build the deck, wheels, bearings, bushing, and assembly of these make it worth buying.
  • Hassle-free delivery and payment gateways.
primitive skateboard review


Is primitive a good skateboard brand?

Primitive Skate rose to be one of the top brands in the skate industry within six years of its start and, with an excellent team, gained customers’ trust.

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