Comparing Wide vs Regular Snowboards: Which is Right for You?

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Wide Vs Regular Snowboard

There are many types of snowboards in the market. If you are looking forward to starting your snowboarding journey or replacing your current snowboard then you need to decide between the wide vs regular snowboard available to you. The length and width of the snowboard must be ideal and comfortable enough for your use. When you are choosing a snowboard, you need to consider the width as much as the length of the snowboard. The wideness of the snowboard will allow you a lot more flexibility and stability during snowboarding when compared to regular snowboards.

Wide Vs Normal Snowboard

Wide Vs Normal Snowboard

When comparing wide vs regular snowboard, wide snowboards usually have a width of over 260mm. The waist of the snowboard, from where the bindings are attached, in wide snowboards is wider than regular snowboards. This has the major advantage of preventing your toes from getting dragged over the edge if you ever initiate is a toe-side turn. There are many types of wide snowboards available like freestyle, freeride, powder, hybrid, camber, and entry-level snowboards.

Normal snowboards, on the other hand, do not have any additional features like wide snowboards do. In wide vs regular snowboard, Regular snowboards are the basic snowboards that are mostly purchased by snowboarders. If you ride with your left foot in front, then your style is regular, and you might want to buy a regular snowboard. If you want to perform better tricks on your snowboard, then you should consider getting a wide snowboard.

Is A Wide Snowboard Better

Wide Snowboard

In short answer, yes. Compared with wide vs regular snowboards, Wide snowboards are much better than regular snowboards. The width of the snowboard helps in turning the snowboard easily. If the snowboard’s width is small, you have a higher chance of falling or dragging. Too wide snowboards are not ideal because they do not react properly to your body’s movements.

So your snowboard should be ideal for your size. Not too big or too small, but medium. If your shoe size is 9, then you don’t have to buy a wide board, as the available board is ideal. This might not be the case with other sizes. So when you are comparing wide vs regular snowboard, it is best if you measure your size and buy a snowboard a little bit wider that suits your riding style.


1. Does a wide snowboard make a difference?

When compared with wide vs regular snowboard, Wide snowboards make a big difference when it comes to people with 11 or 10.5 boot sizes. Large-footed riders used to have a limited selection of snowboards, but snowboarding companies are paying attention to all the customers and offering wider snowboard sizes to suit them. The toe dragging in the snow is completely eliminated. Wide snowboards provide a huge selection available for every style of snowboarding. It especially helps in freeriding as you can take larger turns. You can also use a wide snowboard if you wear larger boots.

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