What Is A Drop Through Longboard?

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What Is A Drop Through Longboard

What is a drop through longboard?

The only difference is that the normal Longboard contains top-mounted wheels, while drop-through Longboards contain wheels that are closer to the ground. While on this kind of longboard, humans stay closer to the surface, and the gravity is slightly different in measurement. In this article, you will get the answers to more questions related to ‘what is a drop through longboard?’

Is drop through Longboards good for beginners?

Yes, A drop through Longboard is a great option for beginners. The drop-through Longboard has advantages in keeping the rider close to the ground because if you, unfortunately, lose balance and trip, it’ll be a less hard fall for you. Not only this, the flexibility of a drop Through Longboard is meaning it will help a beginner to adjust accordingly and easily. The structure is usually made of bamboo and fiberglass, which are durable and forgiving materials that sound great for beginners.

Are Drop Through Longboards good for dancing?

Yes. A drop through Longboard is known to be closer to the earth’s surface. It offers a good amount of flexibility and stability. If you want to try dancing on a drop-through longboard, you should go for it. A drop through Longboard can suit your dancing hobby and will surely add a different touch to the overall event. You can find the special drop through Longboards that are designed for dancing with a couple of parts different from your usual Drop Through Longboard.

Are drop through Longboards good for tricks?

What Is A Drop Through Longboard

Maybe. Due to drop through Longboards being cheaper, the size is comparatively smaller, and parts are different from the usual longboards. Due to it being closer to the surface, it might get harder for the rider to perform tricks. If you are a professional Longboards trickster, then we suggest you choose another longboard, but this doesn’t mean What Is A Drop Through Longboard can’t help you perform tricks.


1. What does drop through mean longboard?

Drop through Longboards are cheaper in price and smaller in size compared to the usual longboards. You can perform dancing well while using it for tricks might be risky. Drop through Longboards are known to be closer to the ground, which automatically helps the gravitational force to differ from the gravity that appears while using usual longboards.

2. How to assemble a drop-through Longboard?

Take the trucks, mount them, and pull them apart. Then unscrew the kingpin and remove the top and bottom bushing along with the washers (if it has one). Align the pads by pads to the deck. Next, line up the base plate holes near the deck and pads. Push the bolts through the baseplate then it is time to do the same with the deck. To protect the deck, add nylon washers. Slide in the nuts next. For trucks, slide in the bottom washer (if it has one) and then the bottom bushing. Then adjust the pivot in the hanger, and lastly, tighten the pin.

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