Top 10 Pintail Longboarding Destinations Around The World

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Top 10 Pintail Longboarding Destinations Around The World

An ideal destination is sure to elevate your pintail longboarding experiences much higher. So, while you decide on the best pintail longboard, know about the top 10 pintail longboarding destinations around the world that you can choose.

Top 10 Pintail Longboarding Destinations Around The World
  1. The Maldives: This is surely one of the best longboarding destinations that you can choose. The perfect ambiance and the beauty of this place make it the paradise of the pintail longboarders. It has beaches, sea, and the perfect road for longboarders.
  2. Kansas City, Missouri: This city is the home to the Indian creek trail measuring seventeen miles in length. Based in the heart of America, it gives the best experience for longboarding to both professionals and novices. The streets are comparatively emptier than in other cities making it ideal for pintail longboarding.
  3. Portland, Oregon: The perfect visuals of the Pacific Northwest makes this city perfectly suited for pintail longboarding. The breathtaking view shall surely make you come here more often for longboarding.
  4. San Francisco, California: By all means, it is the best longboarding-friendly city that you can come across. Although the weather may be a little unpredictable but, the pleasant cool breeze shall make you enjoy your ride across the streets on your pintail longboard.
  5. Tacoma, Washington: This place has some of the best parks that you can find making it perfect for pintail longboarding. If you want a thrill then you can always longboard across the forest trail enjoying a spectacular view along the five-mile way. Cruising across the steep rods is sure to be great fun.
  6. Los Angeles, California: Longboarding has been attached to the history of this city always. To hone the skills the longboarders have also introduced sidewalk surfing in this place. The beauty of the landscape and streets makes many pintail longboarders return to this place over and over again.
  7. Waikiki, Hawaii: This place has both beaches and the perfect roads too. While many love to surf at the sea, longboarders from different parts of the world are often seen trying different tricks on their pintail longboards across the streets. Many gather together and hosts local longboarding competition too.
  8. Stelvio Pass, Italy: This is the second-highest spot in the Alps. A great view and the perfect road setting have been the spot of many bikers previously but now more people go there to enjoy pintail longboarding.
  9. The High Alpine Road, Austria: The roads in this place winds across the eastern region of the Alps. The roads are smooth and have the perfect quality for sliding with the pintail longboards.
  10. Mafika Lisiu, Lesotho: This is the best place in Africa that you can come across for having your dream pintail longboarding experience.  the road is a bit elevated over one thousand feet with great smoothness. It is an ideal place to enjoy longboarding.
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