The Science Of Pintail Longboard Design And Construction

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The Science Of Pintail Longboard Design And Construction

More than a sleek and trendy design of a pintail longboard, there happens to be a reason behind it. In the section below learn about the science of pintail longboard design and construction as you choose the best pintail longboard.

The Science In The Design And Construction Of Pintail Longboard

The unique characteristic of a pintail longboard is its shape which composes of a pointed nose and tail which makes them distinctive. But, more than just a sleek body and shape there is science behind it. This shape gives the pintail longboards stability even during extreme speeds. This is why these longboards are perfect when you are driving downhill or leaping in the air against gravity.

The thin sleek shape with pointed ends makes them lightweight and easy to be steered control during the free ride or while racing downhill. You can even navigate easily and control high speeds even at tight turns as well. Generally, the wheels of other regular longboards tend to rub against the deck while carving or performing tricks because the structure of the edges on a longboard is flat. But pintail longboards have been given pointed edges towards both ends. This prevents the wheels from coming in contact with the deck and leads to more relaxed surfing on the streets.

The wider trunks and bigger wheels them make appropriate for fast and aggressive surfing. Even the pointed edges instead of the flat edge help to lift it off the ground more easily and do a flip in the air. And while it lands back on the ground the concave shape offers greater grip to the feet keeping them stable on it making the landing smooth and safe. The unique structure of it also makes it much more lightweight making it easier to carry while traveling.

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