The Art Of Longboarding: How to Master The Techniques Of Deck Riding

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The Art Of Longboarding: How to Master The Techniques Of Deck Riding

Riding on the longboard deck is an art and it needs practice to master it. While you buy your best longboard deck, learn how to master the techniques of deck riding.

The Techniques Of Deck Riding 

As it gains speed and rolls stretch out the hands sideways and adjust the body with the flow and gain balance. Keep the body free and loose.

  • Increasing The Speed And Taking A Turn: Try to guide the longboard to a turning. To keep the momentum of the speed going you can occasionally put one foot down and push the ground backward, it will gain speed. As a turn comes lean the body towards the sides and put the weight on the feet. Then adjust the body in the flow of the turn and you will find you have made the turn well maintaining the balance.
  • Slowing The Speed: Learning how to slow the is the next important thing. Put one foot on the ground slowly as the longboard keeps rolling, and keep the foot brushing against the ground. You will see that the longboard is slowing down its speed.
  • Brakes: The longboard does not have external brakes but your foot acts as the brakes here. The step to applying brakes and making the longboard stop is the same as slowing it down. Just like the way you brush one foot on the ground to slow the momentum you keep doing it. But instead of putting the foot back on the deck again, you keep it brushing against the ground. This will make the longboard stop gradually.

As you keep practicing these techniques of deck riding you will gradually master them and gain better control over the longboard deck which will help you in performing different longboard tricks too.

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