Slide Wheel Maintenance: How To Keep Your Longboard Wheels In Top Condition

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Slide Wheel Maintenance: How To Keep Your Longboard Wheels In Top Condition

Indeed longboarding is great fun but even after you have the best longboard slide wheels, it requires proper maintenance to give it longevity and keep it in top working condition. So here are the ways for doing it.

Ways To Clean The Longboard Wheels And Bearings

Slide Wheel Maintenance
  • Cleaning The Wheels: To clean the wheels get a washcloth, skate tool, bucket, dishwashing liquid, tissue or cotton cloth, toothbrush, and a sponge. Put the wheels over the board and flip it over. Using a skate tool detach them from the longboard. Then put the wheel over the axle and pull out its bearings. With a washcloth clean the dirt. Put dishwashing liquid into a bucket of warm water. Soak the wheels in the bucket for ten to fifteen minutes. Then wash them using soap and a sponge. You can use the toothbrush for cleaning the small areas.

Using either a tissue or cotton cloth dry the wheels. Then reinstall the bearings. Press the wheel down to securely place the bearings. 

  • Maintenance Of Functional Bearings: Put the bearings either in a liquid or a solvent to lose grime or oil. You can even use acetone while rattling the bearings in order to remove sediments and dirt from them. Bring the bearings out from the solution and put them over a dry cloth. You can use a hairdryer for removing the moisture. Apply grease to the bearings. It is important to do so because it increases its lifespan. You can also use lubricating oil meant for longboard maintenance for lubricating the bearings. 

Put the bearings back into their place and ensure it is tight so that dirt cannot enter them. It is important that you clean the bearings properly on regular basis. 

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