Longboard Shoes For Different Types Of Terrain

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Longboard Shoes For Different Types Of Terrain

Wearing the appropriate longboarding shoe while you are cruising outdoors is very important. Furthermore, each type of terrain has its risks too. So, an appropriate longboard shoe will help you to have a proper grip while longboarding and prevent the feet from having road shock too. While choosing the best longboard shoes, learn more about the longboard shoes for different types of terrain.

  • Canvas: Right from the 70s canvas shoes has been immensely popular amongst longboarders because it is lightweight and offers the feet breathing space too. But it must also be remembered that it is less durable. So, if you wear it while longboarding across steep or rough areas then it will not be appropriate.

The best terrain for wearing it is when you are longboarding in parks, soft grounds, or across pavements and smoother streets. It will give you appropriate protection and also will not wear out easily. If you do fewer flip tricks but more cruise and turns then this is the best shoe for that.

  • Suede: This material is a combination of leather and canvas but much thinner than leather and so it gives good breathability to the feet. These shoes have great durability and high abrasion resistance and so it is perfect when longboarding or cruising over rough or uneven terrains. It also absorbs road shock and keeps the feet protected. Suede material gets dirty soon so it is not very ideal to be used for parks or while longboarding in soft soil.
  • Leather: These shoes are extremely durable and are highly resistant to abrasion. So, you can do multiple tricks without damaging the shoes. It is perfect to be used for any type of terrain be it when you are longboarding across pavements, or even across steep slopes or rough roads. It gives good protection to the feet too but has very less breathable space for the feet.
  • Textile: These shoes are breathable, and lightweight giving appropriate protection to toes and feet. Most manufacturers use the capsule for these shoes because it has proper padding to protect the feet. It is best to wear these shoes when longboarding across smooth roads or pavements.

In addition to these always try to buy shoes that use cupsole or vulcanized soles. Cupsole has a great capacity to absorb shock and so is best for shoes when longboarding on hard, rough, and steep roads. Vulcanized soles are soft and thinner and are best for shoes when longboarding across smooth streets, flat grounds, parks, or pavements.

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