Longboard Shoes For Different Seasons And Weather Conditions

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Longboard Shoes For Different Seasons And Weather Conditions

When you wear the appropriate longboard shoe during any specific weather condition it makes your feet feel comfortable and also elevates your longboarding experiences. While deciding on the best longboard shoes, learn what type of shoe shall be perfect for different seasons and weather conditions.

Types Of Longboard Shoes For Different Seasons And Weather Conditions

There are three types of longboard shoes out there which makes them a perfect fit for different kinds of weather conditions or seasons. They are:

  • High-Top Shoes: These shoes have a higher cut than the other two types. Generally, the cuts are made above the ankles just like the snowboard boots. Due to these high tops, the feet get greater stability on the longboard. Having the support of additional paddings inside it provides a cushion over the ankles. It gives safety and protection to the feet.

The high-top shoes also keep the feet warm and so it is best for winter seasons or when you are longboarding under cold weather conditions.

  • Low-Top Shoes: In these shoes, you will find a standard and flat shape just like regular sneakers. Their low-cut design makes these shoes extremely lightweight. The padding across the ankle area is made using a lighter material. The insoles are highly developed and so it gives proper dampening and cushioning to the feet too. Being lightweight and airy these types of longboard shoes are perfect for summer months or humid weather conditions. It is even good to use if you are longboarding under light rainfall conditions because the low cut does not allow water to accumulate on the sole.
  • Mid-Top Shoes: If you are undecided between low-top and high-top longboard shoes then this is the perfect one to choose. These shoes have cut a little bigger than low-top ones and the laces are at the ankle. Because of its medium cut, it is perfect for both summer and winter months. These shoes even offer more damping, stability, and support than low-top shoes.

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