How to Turn on a Longboard?

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how to turn on a longboard

To learn how to turn on a longboard easily, without facing any difficulty, you have to do a lot of practice. It requires your balancing skill, determination, and full concentration. Longboarding is commonly used for doing various tricks, freestyling, and cruising. So, to use your longboard in the proper way, you need to master how to turn it on a longboard.

How to Turn on a Longboard Surfboard?

how to turn on a longboard

Turning on a longboard surfboard is not a task for beginners. You need years of practice and experience to master turning a longboard surfboard. No need to lean off your surfboard; turn your upper body, and the board will follow the direction. For instance, to turn in the right direction, you must turn your upper body in the right direction. You have to turn your head, torso, shoulders, and hips one by one in the right direction.

How to Turn Sharply on a Longboard?

To turn sharply on a longboard, you have to lean back on your heels or forward your toes with maximum pressure, depending on which direction you want to go.

How to Turn Around on a Longboard?

How to turn on a longboard need a lot of practice. Once you can do tricks and turn on a longboard, you can also turn 90 degrees around on a longboard very easily.

How to Kick Turn on a Longboard?

To kick a longboard, you have to learn to balance on the back wheels of the board while swinging the front of the board in a new direction.

How to Bottom Turn on a Longboard?

how to turn on a longboard

The bottom turn is a major part of longboarding skills. You have to take slow steps to speed it up at first. Then you have to do a bottom turn, bend your knee to keep balance, and get your feet well centered. After that, you need to apply pressure on your toes steadily. This is how to turn on a longboard.


1. How to Turn Fast on a Longboard?

Answers:  By keeping your weight low and head up and increasing the amount of pressure via the planted foot, you can easily turn fast on a longboard.

2. How to Do a Drop Knee Turn on a Longboard?

Answers: You can do a drop knee turn on a longboard just by transferring your weight to the deck’s tail. And the ball of the foot and the toes need to be on the side of the stringer, depending on where you want to go.

3. How to Make My Longboard Turn Better?

Answers: You have to adjust the trucks, wheels, and bearing to make your longboard turn better. Then you need to practice it on flat ground. You can try it out in the slop if you think it works well.

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