How To Stand On A Longboard

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How To Stand On A Longboard

You are maybe the one who’s excited to stand and ride on a longboard like a professional. But for that, you must know how to stand on a longboard. If you want to stand and ride on a longboard, you must be well aware of the stance. You need to maintain a proper stance to get the right balance while riding the longboard. The stance talks about the way you position your feet and whole body on the longboard as you stand on it.

How to stand on a longboard surfboard?

How to stand on a longboard surfboard

Understanding how to stand on a longboard would not take you longer. You need to follow the below-mentioned three steps to stand up efficiently on a longboard surfboard and maintain your balance.

  • First, get in the right position. Before starting your surfing in the water, you must try your right position on the surfboard on land. Start with placing your toes at the end of the board. Then, place your hands on the board. Don’t hold them up on the sides. Place your hands flat on the board and keep them near your chest.
  • Start practicing how to lift yourself. Use your hands to lift your chest. Don’t look downward as that may scare you. Then use your hands to lift your stomach. Also, use your elbows in this process. Now, you can easily stand up.

How to stand on a pintail longboard?

How to stand on a pintail longboard

Start with standing between the paths that hold the wheels in place. Your first feet should be placed at an angle of 45° and face forward. The back feet should be placed sideways and also perpendicular to the board. After that, you have to initiate your forward illusion to move forward.

Then use your back foot to start moving. You have to take it off the fore board. You have to use it now to push off the ground. Now, for stopping the board, you can use two methods. Either you can use your foot to initiate braking. Or you may start leaning side to side by pushing the wheel, which will help you slow down. This is how to stand on a longboard.

How to stand on a cruiser longboard?

You need first to know the stance. The stance, of course, here talks about the balance of your body. Start with placing one foot forward and another backward. Don’t place both of them in one place. Try to align them sideways and then place them along a vertical line. This is how you will get the proper balance. You can then stop the board using one of your feet.

How to stand up the slide on a longboard?

Start by placing your feet in a 45° position along the board axis. Your back feet should be placed in a parallel position with the wheels. First, carve on the left and then move on to the right part. Now, you will need to bend your knee, and this will help you hold your weight over it. Now, lift your leg forward and also lean back a bit.


1. The correct way to stand on a longboard?

The correct way to stand is to create a 45° angle with your first feet facing forward. Then place the left foot in a perpendicular position to the board.

2. How do you stand on a longboard

You have to stand between the bearings that hold the board’s wheels. Then you have to walk along your legs and bend your knee a bit to keep your balance steady. This will also help you love forward.

3. How to properly stand on a longboard

You have to stand by putting your legs but on a greater width than your shoulders. Also, they should be placed at equal distances on the front and back wheels.

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