How to Slide a Longboard?

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how to slide longboard

See how to slide longboard here. Longboarding is one of the most popular school activities of the past decade. The popularity of longboarding has increased due to new technological developments. Most longboards are now easy to learn and carry and most are foldable, which makes longboarding even more popular. The most common place to ride longboarding is at school and on the street. This article is a beginner’s guide on how to slide longboard.

How to slide longboard beginner?

how to slide longboard

A longboard slide is meant to break traction on the wheels. The sliding friction allows you to be slowed down in a controlled way. Using balance, you allow yourself to roll back after the traction is broken.

For a beginner, it is important to know the various kinds of slides and to invest in protective gear. Then you need to start practicing your preferred slide regularly until you get the hang of it.

How to slide longboard without gloves

Sliding a longboard without gloves is called the stand-up slide. In this kind of slide, you do not put your hands on the ground as you are without gloves. Traction is broken through hard-carving and pushing out on the board. It is important to keep balance as the board slides across. Stand-up slides can be difficult to do initially but get easier the more you practice.

How to slide longboard toeside

how to slide longboard

While doing a toeside slide on a longboard it is important to keep your feet shoulder-width apart. You need to push the board out with your foot and back toes. This push should be gentle but firm. While you push, you need to remain standing on your front foot while all the pressure comes on the toes. Keeping pressure on the front foot helps in a smoother slide.

How to heel slide longboard

In the heel slide longboard, you lower yourself when you reach the turn in a box position with your hands on the ground and shift most of the weight on your front foot. Remember the pressure stays on the heels in this slide. Then push out with your leg and maintain an angle with a firm push.

How to slide longboard: FAQs

1. How to slide on a longboard for beginners?

Longboard for beginners, it is advised to start with small movements and balance techniques. Once they have mastered balance, they can try various types of longboarding slides.

2. How to slide brake on a longboard?

To slide break on a longboard you can try either of the following techniques-

  1. Foot break
  2. Coleman Slide
  3. Toeside Hands Down Slide
  4. HeelsideStandup Slide
  5. ToesideStandup Slide

3. How to slide on a pintail longboard

Pintail Longboards are a great shape option for beginners to begin longboard slides on. They are easy to control and help avoid wheel bites during turns.

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