How To Put Trucks On A Longboard?

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how to put trucks on a longboard

Want to turn your longboard into skateboards and learn how to put trucks on a longboard? You need T-shaped metal pieces fitted to the wheels on the underside of your longboard deck. Longboard trucks consist of a pair that is not the same as skateboard trucks. They are wider and cannot be used instead of skateboard trucks.

Unlike traditional trucks, longboard trucks are known as reverse kingpins simply because the axle lies opposite of the kingpin. With soft bushings, they can suffice both for maneuverability and speed.

How to put trucks on a longboard deck?

how to put trucks on a longboard

Trucks have distinct parts: axle, hanger, bushings, and kingpin. The axle is the long pin that is placed through the hanger and stays with the wheels. The hanger is the largest part of the longboard, triangular, which allows the axle through it. Next, the bushings are ring-shaped objects that are necessary for smooth movement. These rings are fastened around the kingpin, which is responsible for holding the skate trucks together.

The decks have holes drilled sometimes between 2.5 inches to 1.6 inches. Take the trucks apart and proceed to remove the kingpin. Next, remove the topmost bushing of the longboard. Make the holes adjacent to the pads through the pads and deck. First, insert the bolts through the base plate and then through the deck. For protective purposes, one can wrap nylon washers onto the bolts. Finish the process by tightening the nuts.

How to put trucks back on a longboard?

Start making holes in the grip tape and push them until they break open through the tape. Slide four bolts into four holes by turning the board upside down to ensure the ends hold against the board. Pass the small holes in the truck’s baseplate while the kingpin side is faced inward.

The newly fixed bolts will be fitted with four nuts and tightened together. You can use a power drill instead of a screwdriver for better and faster results. Following the same steps, attach the second truck to the longboard,; thus, your job is done!

How to place trucks on a longboard?

how to put trucks on a longboard

The three essential steps include the following-

  1. Mounting the trucks by following the above steps.

2. Get the bearings into the wheels- slide a bearing first into the axles and finally into the socket of the wheels.

3. With the wheels having two bearings each, slide on the first washer and then on the second washer. Repeat the same process for the other side of the board.

Can you put skateboard trucks on a longboard?

Longboard trucks are wider with reverse kingpins, while skateboard trucks are faced inwards. They can make the ride flexible, but longboard trucks add to the stability and safety quotient.


1. How to put trucks and wheels on a longboard?

Follow the steps mentioned upwards to put trucks and wheels on a longboard perfectly and easily.

2. How to attach trucks to a longboard?

By bolting to the underside of the deck and attaching the nuts to the screws, the reverse kingpin trucks can be easily fastened.

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