How to Powerslide on a Longboard?

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how to powerslide on a longboard

Nothing is impossible to learn with proper dedication and hard work, and if you are thinking about how to Powerslide on a longboard and whether it will be extremely difficult to learn, well, all good things take time to be attained.

Power sliding surely is not the first technique to be learned, and the basic techniques should be understood first. The learning part raises an important question- why is power sliding necessary to learn? It is because to master freestyle longboarding or sliding downhill, how to Powerslide on a longboard will turn out to be handy. It is also one of the ways to stop a longboard. Another important thing is power sliding demands proper shoes to avoid injuries.

Question- Can You Powerslide On A Longboard?

Powerslide On A Longboard?

Well, most definitely! There are different types of power slides to be tried in combination. Some of the examples include- crouching low inboard, facing uphill, Coleman or glove down slides, and stand-up slides, to name a few.

The starting point is gathering speed to apply operations for sliding. A barely steep hill would be a good place for practice, supported with a proper longboard and flexible wheels. Now, that you have achieved the speed factor, lean forward and press the foot to make a toe-side turn. Caution:- Never have your feet apart, and always have your knees bent.

When you approach the sides of the road, press the front foot to make a 45-degree turn. Compress and decompress and keep your knees bent. Now, bend your front knee and transfer considerable weight to them while pushing your heel. This will also help to push the longboard forward. The hind legs need to extend out, and the space between the legs should be increased. The arms ought to be lifted while you lean backward.

End the slide by bending the knees and transferring weight to the front foot while the body soars forward. The torso, back foot, and elbow should move back while the Powerslide is executed.

How To Powerslide On A Cruiser Board?

Traditional boards have harder wheels, while in the case of a cruiser, they have soft wheels. Rounded lips are easier to Powerslide compared to sharper ones. With such wheels, it requires more speed and higher levels of commitment. The most important point is shifting weight to the back heels. The upper body movement is more in this case, especially the shoulders and hips.

What Is A Powerslide On A Skateboard?

how to powerslide on a longboard

The foot braking technique to power slide sideways requires much force. The front foot should be in the front truck and the back near the tail. Bend your knees, push your feet, and move forward. The arms and shoulders should be aligned and balanced neatly. Once the skateboard slows down, one can take their back foot backward and reverse the 90-degree rotation while continuing to skate.


How To 180 Powerslide On A Longboard?

The front foot should be behind the back bolt, and the back foot should be in the same position with your heels suspended in the air. This helps in kicking it out while performing the Powerslide. The weight of your body should be on the front foot precisely.

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