How to Paint a Skateboard?

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how to paint a skateboard

See How To Paint A Skateboard below. People try to go creative with their skateboards. Painting is the best way of expressing your creativity. You can easily paint your skateboard by following the four steps mentioned below:-

  • If you want to paint your skateboard, irrespective of whichever side you want to paint, remove the trucks. 
  • After you remove the trucks from the skateboard, you must start to sand the entire surface of the skateboard. Remove every bit of the paint. 
  • Get to the wooden surface after you sand the skateboard. Clean the board thoroughly with water or grease remover to remove any existing dirt or grease. 
  • Add a coat of primer to the skateboard. You can sand down the primer and add another coating. The skateboard is prepared for your final design and painting. 
  • You can spray paint, use acrylic or any other paint of your choice. Before you start designing your pattern, mask the skateboard properly and then you can paint your pattern to achieve your final result.

How to paint a skateboard with acrylic? 

how to paint a skateboard

Just like any other paint, you must follow the basic steps to paint your skateboard with acrylic. The first and foremost steps include thorough sending off the skateboard surface after the removal of the trucks. You can proceed by adding a layer or two of primer and then adding your final touch of design. In the end, you can paint your entire skateboard with acrylic paint.

How to paint a plastic skateboard

Unlike, wooden skateboards plastic skateboards do not need to be sanded. You can simply remove any dirt or grease by using water or grease remover and start painting on the skateboard.

How to paint skateboard trucks

Trucks on the skateboard are the easiest part to paint. You can paint the trucks by removing them from the skateboard. They do not need any preparation and can be painted directly.

How to paint and seal a skateboard

how to paint a skateboard

Painting a skateboard is quite easy. You just need to remove the drugs and sand the surface of the skateboard thoroughly and add your primer. Then you can add your paint and see the sealant. 

How to seal acrylic paint on a skateboard

It is essential to seal the acrylic paint on the skateboard to avoid any chipping off. You can use a coat of varnish or suggested sealant to seal the acrylic paint. 


1. Can you paint a skateboard with acrylic?

Yes, you can paint a skateboard with acrylic. Acrylic paints are easily available in the market

2. Easy way to paint a skateboard?

You can easily paint your skateboard by following a few steps. You must remove the trucks of the skateboard, sand it properly, add primer and smooth the surface. Finally, add your desired color.

3. How to paint a blank skateboard deck?

It is very easy to paint a blank skateboard deck. You just have to sand down the surface, add primer and paint your desired design.

4. How to paint the back of a skateboard?

To paint the back of the skateboard, you have to exclusively remove the truck of the skateboard. Then you have to follow 4 simple steps- sand the existing paint, add primer, smooth the primer and paint.

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