How To Loosen Skateboard Trucks?

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How To Loosen Skateboard Trucks

If you want to loosen skateboard trucks, it is a pretty easy task. People tighten or loosen skateboard trucks by considering their desired experience. How To Loosen Skateboard Trucks Right trunks are suitable for beginners because it offers more stability. Additionally, experts don’t recommend over-tightening the trucks on the skateboard. 

Now that you have decided to loosen it remember that it is perfect for free flow. You must check the trucks by tilting the skateboard. Loose trucks tend to tilt a lot. But, if your truck is rigid, search for your skateboard tools. Skateboard tools come in pretty handy in such a situation. 

How to loosen skateboard trucks without tools?

How to loosen skateboard trucks without tools

If you cannot find your skateboard tool, don’t worry. We have got you sorted. Follow the tips to loosen your skateboard truck without tools. 

  • Wrench: Get your spare wrench designed to tighten bolts and nuts. Fit the open side of the wrench to tighten the bolt. 
  • Pliers: Pliers will be essential to have a grip on the nut and loosen it as per your necessity. 
  • Socket Wrench: The socket wrench helps to spin bolts quite easily. Unlike a wrench, it serves the purpose of a t-tool and y-tool.

How to loosen roller skate trucks?

Generally, you can use the skate tool, y-tool, t-tool, or wrench. You must start by checking the overall grip of the truck on the roller skate. You simply have to rotate the bolt counterclockwise to loosen the truck. You must be careful when you loosen the truck. Remember, little is too much. 

How to loosen a skateboard truck?

Do you want to go on the best cursing experience on your skateboard? Free-flow cruising is possible when the trunks on the skateboard are not too tight. Tilt your skateboards and flick the wheels hard enough to check the rotation of the wheels. This will give you an idea of how loose the bolts must be. You must be gentle while you loosen the trunks of the skateboard. How To Loosen Skateboard Trucks, You can use a skateboard tool, y-tool, t-tool, socket wrench, plier or wrench to do the job. 

How to loosen your trucks on a skateboard?

How to loosen your trucks on a skateboard

Take your desired tool and search for the big nut on the skateboard and rotate it counterclockwise with the help of a wrench & pliers or skate tool to loosen it. There is no thumb rule for how loose the truck must be. Just ensure not to go too loose, or it might be fatal during cruising. 


1. How to loosen your trucks on a skateboard without tool?

It is not difficult to loosen skateboard trucks without skateboard tools. You can use a wrench, pliers, and socket wrench. 

2. How to loosen trucks for skateboarding?

It is pretty simple to loosen trucks for the skateboard. You must rotate the nut counterclockwise using skateboard tools, t-tool, t-tool, wrench, pliers, or socket wrench. 

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