How To Clean Longboard Wheels?

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how to clean longboard wheels

Playing with unhygienic toys is bad, isn’t it? You are required to do a thorough cleaning of the tools and toys you use daily. In this article, we will present to you the answer to ‘how to clean longboard wheels?’ briefly, along with explaining two more related topics.

How to clean longboard wheels and bearings?

How to clean longboard wheels?

how to clean longboard wheels
  • Flip your longboard over and rest it against the ground.
  • With the help of a longboard tool, Remove the wheels, and make sure you keep track of every part you just took off.
  • Now we need to remove the bearings. For that, push the wheel back on the truck’s backside halfway. Push the axle to an appropriate corner and pull out the bearings. Repeat the same for all the bearings.
  • Check the wheels, and clean off all the rocks and gravel stuck in the areas till the core.
  • You can use one of the Mr. Clean magic erasers or Its substitute, which could be – dishwashing liquid soap in a bowl along with warm or lukewarm water. With the help of the sponge or any other similar item, wipe off the dirt. The wheels are generally made to handle the rashness, meaning you can as well scrub them and clean them however you like.
  • Next, for cleaning minute parts that are hard to clean by Human fingers, drop the wheels in the soap-warm water for an average period of 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Remove them after the said time and thoroughly dry them off with a rag or towel. Rub off the remaining dirt from the wheels. You can try using a toothbrush for small areas.
  • After the wheels dry, out the axle and bearing back, then the wheels too. You are all done.

How to clean longboard bearings?

  • Remove the bearings, you will have to title the axle halfway.
  • Pull out the rubber seals attached to your bearings.
  • Take any bowl except plastic and pour mineral spirits or isopropyl alcohol into it.
  • Place all the bearings inside the bowl and let it rest for more than 1 and a half an hour.
  • After the said period is completed, Remove the bearings and keep them on the towel or thick tissue paper.
  • Replace the bearing lubricants, and after attaching the seals back on the bearings, push them back into their place.

Should you clean skateboard wheels?

how to clean longboard wheels

Yes, you must clean your skateboard wheels. Skateboard is a toy that is used outside of the house. It is likely to expect the dirt to reach out to your skateboard, and keeping toys dirty is a bad habit. Thus, you must clean your skateboard whenever you get the time; even a small light cleaning session would be enough most of the time.


1. How to clean white longboard wheels?

Drop the wheels in the bowl filled with soapy warm water. After 10-15 minutes, remove and clean them thoroughly before letting them dry.

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