How To Choose A Longboard?

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how to choose a longboard

Skating is the most exciting sport among youngsters. If you aspire to become a skateboarder, then you need to know how to choose a longboard for yourself. There are many varieties of skateboards according to different styles and a longboard is one of them. Longboards, as the name suggests, are longer than most skateboards. They come in a wide variety of shapes and are faster than most skateboards because of their construction and precise hardware.

How To Choose A Longboard Surfboard

how to choose a longboard

Longboard surfboards are used to surf on water mostly on beaches during high tides. It is a popular sport played by many people irrespective of their age or gender. During the early years of surfboarding, people used to use long flat wooden boards as longboard surfboards. Due to innovation, there are much better longboard surfboards being designed for best use. It can get confusing for you if you do now know how to choose a longboard surfboard.

A typical longboard surfboard is nine or ten feet long with thick rails and a larger central fin. There are two major types of longboard surfboards, the Malibu longboard, and the noserider longboard. If you want to stick with a classic longboard surfboard then you should choose the Malibu longboard.

How To Choose A Longboard For Beginners

If you don’t know how to choose a longboard for beginners, you can be logical and put your comfort and design first when choosing a longboard. Beginners have to learn a lot before doing the big tricks of longboarding. You should choose a stable, durable, and comfortable longboard with medium or light stiffness. Make sure you select a wide deck longboard to ensure maximum stability. Boards of sizes ranging from 30” to 46” are ideal for beginners.

How To Choose A Downhill Longboard

Downhill longboards are used to bomb hills as fast as possible while maintaining balance and control over the skateboard. You need to be in a crouching position to gain maximum stability. A downhill longboard with a size between 36” to 41” made with maple wood. The wheels of the longboard must be strong and durable.

How To Choose A Noserider Longboard

how to choose a longboard

A noserider is a type of longboard that has more foam throughout the skateboard. It has a rounded tail and a single-fin setup. You need to consider the length which must be from 9 to 10 feet or more. The material of the noserider longboard should be balsa wood, it has a good flex ratio and is lightweight. The width and thickness of the board should be 2.5 to 3 inches or more.


1. How to choose longboard bushings?

Bushings are the colored rubber-like cylinders attached in the center of the longboard. There are 4 bushings in each longboard. The shape and the hardness (durometer) of the bushings need to be considered while buying longboard bushings. Harder bushings give more resistance and softer ones give less resistance. The barrel or cone bushings are suitable for any rider. The durometer of the bushing depends upon the weight of the rider. If your weight range is between 75-125 lbs. then you need to get an 80A, 83A, or an 85A of durometer size bushing.

2. Which longboards are best for beginners?

When it comes to selecting a longboard for beginners, the drop-through boards are the best because of the functionality that they provide. They are easy to push, slide and break. Any beginner can master the basics of longboarding with a drop-through longboard.

3. How to choose your longboard deck?

There are usually two longboard shapes. They are directional and twin or symmetrical longboards. The directional longboards are meant to move forward whereas the symmetrical longboard can enable you to slide. The deck style varies from the riding styles. The closer to the ground longboard or the drop-down longboard deck style is perfect for every longboard.

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