How To Care And Maintain Your Longboard Shoes

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How To Care And Maintain Your Longboard Shoes

Longboard shoes remain in direct contact with dust, dirt, and pollution so, it is very important to care for and maintain your longboard shoes properly to make them last longer in perfect condition. While deciding on the best longboard shoes, learn how to care for and maintain them.

Supplies Required

Washing liquid, shoe brush, toothbrush, soft cloth, the glue that sticks materials.

Steps In Cleaning The Longboard Shoes

  • Removing The Dirt: Using a shoe brush remove the loose dust gathered on the outsole. You can even dust it off with the toothbrush too.
  • Make A Cleaning Solution: In a bowl mix warm water washing liquid or a mild detergent. If you are using a washing liquid ensure to dilute it well by adding water. It is important because certain washing liquid tends to turn the fabric of the shoes dull.
  • Wash The Laces: Take out the laces from the longboard shoes and apply a small quantity of the cleaning solution on them using your hands. Massage the laces using both hands and rinse them. Use normal water to give them another wash and rinse again. Then gently dab it dry using a soft cloth.
  • Clean The Soles: Pour a bit of the cleaning solution under the soles of the shoes and spread them evenly with the palm. Using a brush scrub it gently to remove the dirt. Then wash it off using normal water and use a soft cloth to dry it.
How To Care And Maintain Your Longboard Shoes
  • Wash The Uppers: Now pour the cleaning on the fabric over the upper part of the shoe. Spread it all across the shoe with a brush gently. Ensure it is done gently or the fabric of the shoe will lose its fine texture. Once done wash it with normal water and dab it dry using a soft cloth.
  • Air Dry: Keep the longboard shoes under the fan in the room and let them dry. It is important to dry the shoes thoroughly before wearing them again on your next longboarding adventure. A wet shoe will make your feet slip from the longboard deck while cruising. Sometimes it takes about eight hours too for the shoes to dry completely.
  • Leather Shoes: Leather shoes gather stains very soon and so it is important to regularly clean them. You can use a mild detergent and brush to clean it too. Avoid scrubbing it for that shall damage the leather.
  • Suede Shoes: These shoes are a little difficult to clean. Using a suede brush remove the dirt stuck on the soles. If the stains are stubborn, dip a soft cloth in white vinegar and scrub it over the fabric maintaining alternate directions.
  • Glue: If there are any parts on the longboarding shoes that have peeled up or the sole has lost its glue then it is essential to repair them. Using glue that sticks materials, fix the issues that you notice. Ensure that you allow it to dry properly. While putting the glue remain careful about not smudging it over other areas.

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