How Long is a Longboard?

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how long is a longboard

Read How Long Is A longboard here. If you are into skateboarding, you probably pay attention to the length of the skateboard. Similarly, it’s important to determine how long a longboard is for racing purposes.

Basically, for transportation and making commutation fun, longboards are a little longer than the normal skateboard. It is much easier to perform many tricks with the help of the longboard. While the skateboard can become a little risky due to its length, the longboard is comfortable and enhances your riding experience.

One of the major difficulties in selecting a longboard is its length. What is the right length of a longboard? Which longboard length is preferable? How to measure the longboard length? As there is a lot of difference between a professional longboard and a regular one, it’s better to leave it up for consultations before the final purchase.

Well, this article is all about finding the right longboard for use. The correct longboard is crucial to prevent accidents while racing and performing tricks. Hence, read more to understand the length of a longboard and the best one to purchase!

How Long is a longboard surfboard?

how long is a longboard

Purchasing a longboard probably starts with determining its length and paying full attention to it. The most important factor that determines your purchase is your height. If you are a little short, the longboard surfboard should be medium size. On the other hand, a longer longboard is preferable if you are tall. Plus, a good medium-sized longboard is enough if you are of average height.

Coming to the approximate lengths, the shorter longboard is around 32 to 34 inches. You will find the medium ones of lengths between 40 inches to 42 inches. For the longer ones that are great for tall people, the average length is 50 inches.

How long is a longboard in inches?

The measurement of the longboard is extremely crucial to get real experience. Hence, there is no point in compromising comfort by riding a small longboard. The average length of the longboard is between 36 to 40 inches. It’s neither the small size nor the medium size. This length is considered ideal for beginners, as they require lots of practice. Such a longboard is also comfortable to ride.

On the other hand, the maximum length of the longboard doesn’t exceed 50 to 52 inches. A longer longboard also has a greater adjustment area. Therefore, you can freely ride the longboard without holding the fear of falling. It’s better to settle down for a longer longboard to stay comfortable during the whole ride.

How long is a longboard in feet?

Measurements matter, especially when it comes to purchasing a longboard. Understanding the length helps determine the finest longboard to stay updated on the riding experience. If you purchase a longboard for the first time, the measurement requires more emphasis.

On that note, the longboard length is approximately 2 feet to 4 feet. The length is again determined by the height of the individual too. It is best to understand what works best for you, as different criteria apply. An in-depth guide on the features of the longboard will help you choose the best in the market.

Once you understand how long is a longboard, you will find it easier to distinguish between different models. Plus, the length in feet is just an approx measurement. Get all the information you need to upgrade your riding and commuting experience with your best purchase today.

How long is a standard longboard?

how long is a longboard

To have extra fun, a longboard helps you accomplish different stunts, too, safely. With practice, you can become a pro at riding the longboard. However, one of the key features of the longboard to date remains its length. Focusing on the length helps the rider in various ways, most importantly in taking care of one’s safety. 

In this case, the length of the standard longboard is between 34 inches to 38 inches. It is perfect for all riders, especially if you are trying it for the very first time. On the other hand, avoid choosing the longest standard longboard, as they are meant for professionals and can hurt you. Before finalizing your purchase, you can always talk to an expert regarding the proper length.

How long is a longboard for dancing?

There are so many arguments related to the length of the dancing longboard. While you might be confused about its name, the dancing longboard helps in controlling your steps. Further, the dancing longboard is considered suitable for a steep downward hill ride. You can speed up and slow down without too much pressure.

When analyzing the same length, the dancing longboard ideally measures 32 inches to 35 inches. Further, you can check the brands for the lengths. In most cases, the average measurement provides a better riding experience and doesn’t compromise the safety of the individual.

How Long Is A Longboard? FAQs

1. How long is a longboard (pintail)?

A pintail longboard is slightly different from a regular or ordinary longboard. Therefore, the average length of the pintail longboard is 35 inches. Other sizes are also available if you are a pro at riding the longboard.

2. How long is a longboard (regular)?

When looking forward to purchasing a longboard of any length, the regular size is approximately 36 inches. This is more of a medium-sized longboard rather than the smallest one. It is ideal to go for this longboard to stay safe during the ride.

3. What is the average length of a longboard?

Most buyers must understand the average length of the longboard, which is around 36 to 38 inches. It is suitable for beginners, as well as for kids. The average length helps in balancing and reduces the risk of falling.

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