Goofy vs Regular Snowboard: Which Is Best for You?

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Goofy or regular snowboard

Before you go snowboarding, you’ll have to get your position. You may have a goofy or a regular position, and your position will decide whether you want a goofy or regular snowboard.  The confusion about goofy vs regular snowboard needs to be solved.

When you pick another board in different regions, being goofy or regular resembles being correct, given or left-handed. It can likewise mean you are happy with riding rather than battling more than others.

By the end of this article, you will know the difference between a goofy vs regular snowboard.

Goofy Vs Regular Snowboard: You must know your riding position

You must know your riding position

Before you tie into your snowboard or even set up your ties, you’ll have to know whether you’re in a goofy or regular stance because then only you can figure out whether you want a goofy or a regular snowboard. 

Your riding position will be determined by which leg is driving downhill and which foot is at the back of your board.

Goofy vs regular snowboard

  • Goofy Skateboard

Goofy describes someone who leads with their right leg and will use a goofy snowboard.

  • Regular snowboard

Talking about regular, it describes a person who leads with the help of their left leg. This is considered one of the most common riding stances. Therefore he or she will be using the regular snowboard.

Goofy vs regular snowboard: Which one is better?

Regular snowboards are the most well-known. It’s assessed that 70% of riders have regular positions,  the left foot forward-looking in the direction you are heading.

Goofy snowboards are more uncommon. It’s assessed that 30% of riders are goofy, and the right foot is forward-looking in the direction you are heading.

Since more individuals ride regular snowboards rather than goofy snowboards, it does not mean it’s not good.

It doesn’t influence your style or make you speed up, there is no distinction by any means, and you may choose either as per your comfort and wish.

Talking about goofy vs regular snowboard, it depends upon the rider’s comfort.

Goofy or regular snowboard stance

Goofy or regular snowboard stance
Goofy vs regular snowboard

The contrast between a goofy stance and a normal stance is which direction you will face. A regular stance is riding with your left foot in front, and a goofy stance is with your right foot in front. It’s vital to discover your position.

You will get snowboarding a lot quicker if you will have a comfortable stance and a comfortable snowboard. Observing your natural position is simpler than one may accept.

Most importantly,  do not pay much attention to what others recommend; focus on choosing whatever feels good therefore, that is your stance.

Figuring out which snowboard is better for you: Goofy vs regular snowboard

Assuming you do some other board sports like skating, surfing, wakeboarding, or kiteboarding, odds are good that you’ll ride your snowboard the same way.

If you don’t do some other board sports, you can relax; by and large, your more prevailing leg will be your back foot as it will give the most equilibrium.

The test you can do is stand straight with your eyes shut. Have a companion tenderly push you forward.

Observe which foot you set forward to keep balance. Chances are, that will be your front foot.

The last test should be possible in a couple of ways. The principal way is finished by running on snow and halting unexpectedly, as on hockey skates.

The position you halted in is a decent sign of which position you should snowboard in.

Pick these strategies and check them out. The significant thing is to pick a bearing, to begin with, and get rolling. You can constantly change everything around you as you progress.

Goofy vs regular snowboard: FAQs

1. What is the difference between goofy and regular snowboarding?

The main difference between the two is the difference in positions. If you are a regular-footed person, you will be more comfortable in regular snowboarding, regular footed means that your left foot is forward and your right foot is back.

2. Is regular snowboard better than goofy snowboard?

The answer to this is no. Just because more people use regular snowboard does not mean it is better than goofy snowboard. Both snowboards are equally good. It completely depends on your stance and comfort with what you are riding.
Thanks for reading this article. I hope you can now find out your snowboarding stance and, therefore, your snowboard.

3. Is it possible to ride goofy on a regular snowboard?

Yes, you can snowboard goofy on a regular board if you are sufficiently agreeable to ride switch. The riding switch implies you are riding goofy when your position is regular or reverse.

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