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globe skateboard review

Read everything about Globe Skateboard Review here. Skating is fun. It is a source of adventure and has many advantages over our bodies. Along with this, it is also a great source of working out, especially on the weekends. Some people prefer longboards, used for racing, cruising, etc. While others prefer surf skate, used for surfing on the streets. And skateboards; are used for performing stunts and tricks. Here we will provide you with the guidelines for the Best skateboard review so that you choose the right product for your better experience.

Globe Skateboard Review – Buying Guide

Everyone has their interests and compatibility regarding the choices of skateboards. Some of the main factors that you should know before buying the product are mentioned below.

  • Build quality – the manufacturing of a skateboard determines its durability. If it is made with good raw materials and joints, then it serves you as a perfect value for money.
  • Usage – before buying your next skateboard, it must be clear to you whether you need it for ticks, surfing, or racing. As for the globe surf glass skateboard review, it is only compatible with smooth rides and is not meant for stunts.
  • Materials used – the factors like weight, speed, and controls are based on the materials used for the construction of the skateboard. Some of them are made with metals, while others with bamboo and rubber. It is mentionable that a globe full-on skateboard comes with a readymade assembly because, compared to other boards, it needs precise assembly.

Globe Skateboard Review

1. Globe Chromatic Cruiser Complete

globe skateboard review


  • Brand: Globe
  • Deck Width and length: 9.5 Inches and 33 Inches
  • The material used: Wood
  • Color: Bio-Morph
  • Durometer Hardness: 83A
  • Wheel Material: Rubber
  • Wheel Size: 62 Millimeters
  • Age Range (Description): Unisex


The given product from the Globe range of skateboards is a longboard that comes with preinstalled wheels and a deck. It has a medium length that gives proper mobility to the user. The high-quality wheels provide a hard grip on the track and prevent unnecessary slips. The best-in-class wood has a decent weight and remains unaffected by moisture or damage issues. It is a perfectly balanced board that provides an exciting ride. So if asked, are globe skateboards any good? Yes, definitely. 


This particular skateboard is used for racing or just surfing on the tracks. Due to its shape and weight, it is not compatible with tricks and stunts.


  • Manufactured with high-quality wood
  • Available in four different colors and designs
  • Wheels have a better grip on the street surface
  • Large turning radius


  • Slightly high weighted
  • Not compatible with all usage

Why you should buy it?

If you are looking for a cruise board, then this product is perfectly designed to fulfill your needs. It has good control, decent weight, and a strong grip. This performs well in its genre and provides a very pleasant experience.

What’s new?

The skateboard comes with cool and stylish inbuilt skin that will impress you. The best-in-class experience and construction make it a perfect value for money. 

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Are globe cruiser skateboards good?

Globe range of skateboards is counted as the best brand for boards, which makes it trustworthy regarding quality and functionality.

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