From The Streets To The Parks: How To Use Longboard Slide Wheels For Different Terrain

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How To Use Longboard Slide Wheels For Different Terrain

The popularity of longboarding is growing higher each year. Right from streets to parks, you can easily spot a person longboarding. But, the longboard slide wheels are not the same for all terrain. These days you can easily buy the best longboard slide wheels for different terrain. Here are a few factors to remember while selecting the longboard slide wheels.

  • Hard Wheels: The hard wheels of longboards generally accelerate or roll very fast. These wheels are good for usage over smooth roads or short distances. It can only run fast under such circumstances. But you must also remember that with every crack or pebble at different curbs these wheels encounter, it will let you know the shock. Due to this reason hard wheels are not appropriate for use on streets or rocky surfaces because they do not absorb much vibration from the road and instead reflect it. It is good to be used in parks or in places where the ground is not too hard.

The harder shall be the wheel, the greater will be the slide. However, it shall be difficult to control a long slide and these wheels will not also provide any grip at the corners.

  • Soft Wheels: These wheels are slow but you will feel comfortable while longboarding. Longboards having these wheels can ride smoothly over most surfaces. It shall also give a good grip at the corners too. Because these wheels are soft so they can absorb road vibrations and so are apt for use on streets. It is difficult to slide with these wheels too but when it sides it does smoothly and you can also gain control over them. These wheels being soft tends to mush over the street and so it rolls slower than hard wheels. These heels are perfect for all types of grounds mostly hard surfaces or streets.

So, depending on the type of terrain you are using the longboard, select the slide wheels accordingly as both these types of slide wheels have different capacities for sliding and control.

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