Designing Your Own Custom Longboard Shoes

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Designing Your Own Custom Longboard Shoes

Designing your own custom longboard shoes can be great fun. It will allow you to wear a shoe that not only reflects your personality but also matches the longboard deck too. Follow the steps below to learn very easily how to design your own custom best longboard shoes.

A Guide To Designing Custom Longboard Shoes

Designing Your Own Custom Longboard Shoes


To design your custom longboard shoes you need to have basic sewing skills and a few supplies. It is not much of a hassle to make a pair of comfortable and stylish longboarding shoes. For your supplies, you need to have a strong fabric to make the upper part of the shoe. Denim or canvas is a perfect choice for that. For making the sole you must have either EVA foam or any other material of a similar type. Along with it, you need thread, a sewing needle, scissors, and fabric colors.


  • Once the supplies are ready cut the fabric either denim or canvas into two pieces for making the upper portions for each of the two shoes. Ensure that the pieces are big enough so that it wraps around the foot. Keep it extended by an inch beyond the toe.
  • Now taking the EVA foam, cut out a sole piece for each of the two shoes. Remember it must be according to the measurement of your feet. But keep them a little shorter than the upper pieces of fabric. It must fit snugly inside the shoe.
  • Begin sewing by attaching the upper pieces of fabric to the soles. Ensure that the thread you are using is very strong. Sew across the entire diameter of each shoe. Ensures the stitches have been made tightly and securely. Make four holes on the edges of each flap over both shoes.
  • Once the upper part gets attached to the sole you can add additional embellishments or details according to your choice. If you wish you can make designs on the fabric of the shoes using the fabric colors and give it a more personalized touch. Now add a tongue, laces and even give a few more decorative stitches if you may like. 
  • Once done your brand new custom-designed longboard shoes are ready for a trial. 
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