Deck Maintenance: How To Keep Your Longboard Deck In Top Condition

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Deck Maintenance: How To Keep Your Longboard Deck In Top Condition

Proper care and maintenance for the longboard deck is a must to keep it in perfect condition for many years. While you choose the best longboard deck learn the ways by which you can provide good maintenance to the deck.

Maintenance Of The Longboard Deck

There are many factors such as dirt, sun, water, and dust as well which can make the longboard deck wear out very quickly. Due to a lack of proper maintenance, the deck even runs the risk of getting cracked from the center. So, there are a few simple things that you must do to maintain the longevity of the deck very easily. 

As the general rule states, each time the longboard deck gets wet make sure to get it dried either under the sun or by using a hair dryer. Whenever you are not using the longboard never leave it uncovered under the sun. The sun’s rays will make the wood excessively dry and cause cracks over them. Instead, keep it in shade and put a cover over it.

Very often you also need to unscrew and remove the wheels from the deck and wipe the deck thoroughly using a dry towel. You can even use a soft brush to gently remove the dust on the upward side. For cleaning the underneath you can use a moist sponge to gently wipe the dust and dirt. And then using a hair dryer dry it out.

You can clean the wheels by soaking them in mild detergent and scrubbing the dirt with a brush. For trucks and bearings first, remove the dirt using a brush and then wipe them with a dry cloth. Then use lubricating oil in the trucks and bearings to keep them working and increase their longevity before attaching them back to the longboard deck.

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