Darkstar Skateboard Review: The Best Skateboard for Beginners and Pros

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darkstar skateboard review

Darkstar is a company that started as a Skateboard wheel company, manufacturing wheels for skates, and gradually expanded into making decks in the 90s. Immensely famous for its eye-grabbing graphic printed designs and heavy-duty decks.

We will now be looking into Darkstar skateboard reviews and product specifications.

Darkstar skateboard reviews to consider before you buy:

One of the essential factors to look for before purchasing a product is its reviews. Who better than a previous customer can explain the good and bad about the product, right?

The following factors should be considered before buying any skateboard.

  • Brand Name: Yes, we say the name doesn’t matter—quality matters. But quality is assured when one gains the customers’ trust and thus makes the name. Darkstar has gained confidence and has become a recommended brand for professional skaters.
  • Deck and Wheels: The brain and heart of the skateboard. Choose the size and quality care.

Trucks: The base should be strong and well-designed for a smooth skate ride. Trucks are significant; while choosing wheels, be careful of the material. Some insights on the best trucks can be found using this link https://www.hiradventure.com/best-trucks-skateboard/One can buy the necessary accessories from Darkstar, assemble them, or each from a different brand by checking reviews on which is best sold and can assemble the skateboard.

Darkstar skateboard Products :

1. Darkstar magic carpet skateboard

darkstar skateboard review

Let’s begin with the Darkstar skateboard review of the magic carpet model.

Description :

  • Brand: Darkstar
  • Deck size : 8 x 32 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2kg 40g


The intriguing design has interested customers from all over the world like this product, and they especially love how safe it is for their kids. Customers have given 5 on 5 ratings in their Darkstar magic carpet skateboard reviews.

Comparison :

The epoxy resin and the maple plywood used to make the decks make the Darkstar magic carpet stand out by surpassing the standard skateboard quality. They are also cheaper than other products in the market.

Usage :

Easy to use as all parts are assembled, and one has to start skating using Darkstar magic carpet skateboard.

Pros :

  • Affordable prices
  • Manufacturing
  • High-end graphic designs
  • High durable decks
  • Auto assembled

  Cons :

  • Low-quality products sold in local marts
  • Trucks and wheels are not up to the mark.

What’s New?

The pre-assembled delivery is the new feature in all of Darkstar’s completes, under which magic carpet is also one of the products.

Why should you buy it?

Apart from all the technical aspects, If you are a fan of crazy graphic prints on your skateboard and love to have that magic carpet of Aladdin or want to fly into a fantasy world, then this product is for you.

darkstar skateboard review


Is Darkstar a good skateboard brand?

Yes, it is a great brand with inter-mediate level skaters which offers good quality decks.

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