Top 10 Best Skateboard Tricks You Should Try Today

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best skateboard tricks

Skateboarding is an action sport performed on a skateboard with rollers attached at the bottom of the board. To perform the best skateboard tricks, you must practice and learn the skills from an expert. Before you buy a skateboard, you need to look into some factors. The first thing you should know is, you are a goofy rider or a regular rider. A goofy rider places the right foot in the front and pushes the skateboard with the left leg.



Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with LED Wheels

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  • Upgrade Skateboard Friendly for Beginner and Kids

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Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

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  • 0.51 Pounds Wt.

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Metroller Skateboards

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Best skateboard tricks-Buying Guide

Factors to consider before buying a skateboard to perform the best skateboard tricks.

1. Deck Size

The most important is the size of the deck. For beginners, the first thing is to get balance, and they should feel safe on the skateboard. A wide board would be appropriate for beginners as they can stand firmly without falling, and it helps get the balance on it. 

2. Different wheels

On a skateboard, multiple wheels can be fitted. They cause less friction, and the ride is smooth, even on rough roads. 

3. Shape of the board

The skateboards are available in various shapes. But the classic elongated oval would be the best shape for beginners. For stability, soft curves at the edges of the skateboards are perfect. 

4. Trucks

Trucks mean the axle of the skateboard that is situated up front. The truck size should always match the deck size of the skateboard. 

5. Board size

The best skateboard size is found according to the user’s height. There are various sizes of skateboards available.

6. Safety Guards

Safety is the priority when riding a skateboard. It is very important to check for safety gear. You must wear a helmet, knee pads, and elbow caps so that even if you fall, it hurts less. 

Perform the best skateboard tricks with the best skateboards, and to know more about the best skateboards, read below.

Best Skateboard Tricks Reviews

1. Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with LED Wheels – For the best skateboard trick for beginners

best skateboard tricks


Brand: M Merkapa


Width:         6 Inches

Material:      Polypropylene

Deck Length: 22 Inches

Color:          Blue


Hardness:     78A


Material:      Polyurethane

Wheel Size: 6 Centimeters

Item Weight: 1.73 Kilograms

Load Capacity: 220 Pounds


With excellent suspension, the skateboard is easy to balance. It has excellent lateral flexion, and the wheels give a smooth ride. This skateboard can be the perfect choice for beginners to perform the best skateboard trick.


The deck is small and heavy, especially meant for children to learn skateboarding easily. 


Although meant for children, it handles a weight of up to 220 pounds.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Unique look and style
  • Resistant to abrasion


Much slower than regular skateboards

What’s new?

The light-up LED lights attract children and are perfect for night rides for adults. The deck is made of plastic and not wood, so it is resistant to heat and moisture.

Why you should buy it?

The perfect skateboard for beginners, and it is designed for easy use. It absorbs the initial shocks and stays at a lower speed.

2. Bones Bearings Reds Bearings (8 pack W/Spacers and Washers) – The best skateboard bearings for tricks

best skateboard tricks


Brand:          Bones

Material:      Alloy Steel

Dimensions: 4 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches

Weight:        1 Gram


The bones red bearings are the best skateboard bearings for tricks because they are durable and low maintenance.


The bearings are thoroughly lubricated with speed cream racing lubricant. It gives the bearings high tolerance.


The bearings fit several brands.


  • Best for heavy riders
  • No noise
  • Highly durable


Very costly

What’s new?

The bearings are single and non-contact. The rubber shield is removable, so it is easy to clean, and it produces less friction. The bearings even have a high-speed nylon ball retainer and offer speed and strength to the skateboard. 

Why you should buy it?

The bearings are of very low cost, and they are well-lubricated to produce less friction.

3. Whitefang Skateboard – The best skateboard for stunts

best skateboard tricks


Dimension of the item:    31 x 8 x 3.7 inches

Weight of the item:          2.16 kg

Material of the item:         Aluminium, Maple.

Length of the deck:          79 cm

Material of the wheel:      Polyurethane

Size of the wheel:            52 mm

Weight of the item:          2.3 kg

The capacity of load:       330 pounds


The build of the skateboard is durable, strong, and long-lasting, which is why this is the best skateboard for stunts


The best skateboard hardware is manufactured by Whitefang. Gives a lot of options and solutions for skateboard buyers.


This is a perfect skateboard for beginners, professionals, and pro riders. 


  • Highly durable and perfect for stunts
  • A good choice for beginners
  • Easy to balance


Wheels are not strong and can be damaged easily.

What’s new?

This skateboard is best for multipurpose use and can be used by beginners and professionals.

Why you should buy it?

The whitefang boards come in a wide variety of options. The skateboards are more durable and more precise. As a result, the players get an extra edge on all the boards. This is the best skateboard built for tricks.

4. WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard – The best electric skateboard for tricks

best skateboard tricks


Brand:          Woorkrays

Colour:        Black 

Deck width: 6.5 inches

Material:      Maple

Capacity:      80 kg 


This is a portable skateboard with strong wheels to withstand crash landings.


The skateboard can be used even after the battery drains out. It has good speed compared to the weight-carrying capacity.


You can ride to nearby destinations like schools, colleges, or parks. It is the best electric skateboard for tricks.


There are 3-speed levels, and they are easy to carry.


The deck length is small.

What’s new?

Even after the battery drains out, you can ride the skateboard.

Why you should buy it

Available in different colors and designs and easy to access. It makes the long ride smooth, easy, and comfortable.

5. Metroller Skateboards – The best skateboard for stunts

best skateboard tricks


Brand:          Metroroller

Colour:        Black                   

Deck width: 8 inches 

And length: 31 inches

Material:      Aluminium 

Wheel size: 54 mm


It is lightweight and provides a steady balance. It has a wide deck and classic shape and assures safety and balance. It gives smooth rides and can carry almost 100 kg. 


It is available in different designs and colors. The skateboard is assembled and easy to use. 


This product is available in different sizes for kids, teenagers, and adults. It can be used to ride and do tricks and stunts on the playground. 


Bestseller, wider deck size, large wheels, and available in different shapes


A carry bag is not available. 

What’s new?

Cubism design on the skateboard gives an attractive look to the model, and it is smooth to ride on any surface. 

Why you should buy it?

The skateboard comes assembled, can carry almost 100 kg, and is super comfortable. 

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