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Best Skateboard Size

Children always look for distractions like mobile phones or televisions if their parents can’t give them attention continuously. But handing them a skateboard will not lead to any of these situations. Also, the best skateboard sizes are available for you or your children. 



Metroller Skateboards

  • Brand- Metroroller

  • Material - Aluminum, Maple

  • Sturdy & Solid

  • Smooth Ride

  • Better Control

BYSDA Skateboards

  • Brand-BYSDA

  • Material-Maple

  • High speed 95A PU

  • Durable and Sturdy: 31" Long×8" 

  • EX skateboard

Piston Skateboards 




  • Standard 31x7.75 inches maple deck

Apollo Skateboards

  • Classic popsicle deck made from 7 layers of hand-picked northwood

  • Crushing Concrete

  • Built By Skaters

  • Free 2-year manufacturer's warranty

Retrospec Skateboards

  •  Sturdy and reliable 31x7.5 inch 7-ply Canadian Maple Skateboard

  • 5.5-inch aluminum alloy trucks

  • Smooth & Easy To Control

  • Unique Designs

Skateboards for beginners are also available. Skateboards are available as best skateboard size for 5 years old, best skateboard size for 8 years old, best skateboard size for 12 years old, and so on. Adults can also ride skateboards, as adult skateboards are also available in the market. 

How To Buy A Skateboard

Best skateboard size-Buying Guide

Factors to consider while buying the best skateboard size

  1. Deck Size– as beginners at skateboarding, we should ensure they feel safe and balanced on the skateboard. A wide board would be appropriate as beginners can firmly stand on it without falling and find balance in it. 
  2. Different wheels- multiple wheels can be fitted to a skateboard. But as children are going to ride the skateboard, one must fit wide and semi-hard wheels to the skateboard. They cause less friction, and the ride is smooth, even on rough roads. 
  3. The shape of the board– skateboards are available in various shapes. But the classic elongated oval would be the best shape for beginners. For stability, soft curves at the edges of the skateboards are perfect. 
  4. Trucks– trucks mean the axle of the skateboard that is situated up front. The truck size should always match the deck size of the skateboard. Trucks are attached already, so you don’t need to worry about it much. 
  5. Board size- the best skateboard size is found according to the user’s height. Skateboards of various sizes are available. 
  6. Safety Guards– if kids are going to ride the skateboard, you need to check all the safety guards. The kid must wear a helmet, knee pads, and elbow caps so that even if they fall, it might hurt less. 

The best skateboard sizes also include skateboards for teenagers and adults. 

The Best Skateboards Available Online: 

Best skateboard size reviews

1. Metroller Skateboards

best skateboard size


Brand- Metroller

Color- Black                    

Deck width- 8 inches 

And length- 31 inches

  Material- Aluminum 

Wheel size- 54 mm

Performance: it is lightweight and provides steady balance. Its wide deck and classic shape assure safety and balance. It gives smooth rides and can carry almost 100 kg.  

Comparison: it is available in different designs and colors. It is easy to use and already assembled. The material is better. Also, the kids will feel safe with this. 

Usage: this product is available in different sizes for kids, teenagers, and adults. It can be used to ride and do tricks on the playground. 

Pros: bestseller, wider deck size, large wheels, and availability of different shapes

Cons: carrying a bag is not available. 

What’s new? Cubism design gives a great look to the model, and it is smooth to ride on every surface. 

Why you should buy it: the skateboard comes assembled, carries almost 100 kg, and is super comfortable. 

2. BYSDA Skateboards


Brand– BYSDA

Color– Black 

                     Deck width– 8 inches 

                     And length– 31 inches

                     Material– Maple

                     Wheel size– 52 mm

Performance: the durability and the quality is very good for this product. It slides smoothly on the ground and provides less friction. It can carry 136 kg of weight. 

Comparison: it can carry more weight compared to other skateboards. Even adults can ride on this skateboard due to its weight capacity. It is the best skateboard size for adults and tricks. 

Usage: it can be used by both kids and adults. It is used for safe rides and not tricky ones. 

Pros: maximum width and length, appropriate wheel size, and availability of different sizes. 

Cons: unavailability of Kermit. 

What’s new: the skull design gives it a unique look. Also, high-quality wheels provide a safe ride without any friction.  

Why you should buy it: the maple material is waterproof and gives a shiny look to the skateboard. Also, it is usable by both children and adults. 

3. Piston Skateboards 

best skateboard size


Brand – Piston

Color– Multiple

                     Deck width– 7.75 inches 

                     And length– 31 inches

                     Material– Maple

                     Wheel size– 52 mm

Performance: this is an excellent beginner’s skateboard. The truck is highly performing and can carry around 99 kg of weight. 

Comparison: the colorful blocks on the backside of the skateboard give it an amazing touch. The wheels are stronger and smoother than the rest. 

Usage: it can be used as a learning skateboard for kids, especially with its wide deck and elongated board. 

Pros: high-quality maple material, easy use, and aluminum trucks.  

Cons: only for kids

What’s new: various designs like puzzles, blocks, and stripes are available. 

Why you should buy it: the wheels of this skateboard are of the best quality, and the sustainability is good. 

4. Apollo Skateboards

best skateboard size


Brand– Apollo

Color– Black

                     Deck width– 8 inches 

                     And length– 31 inches

                     Material– Maple

                     Wheel size– 52 mm

Performance: as this is a professional skateboard, you can perform different tricks. Its ABEC 7 wheels make it more powerful, and the skateboard doesn’t break even after hard landings. 

Comparison: it is a professional skateboard with German engineering. The design is by professional skateboarders. This is the best skateboard for adults. 

Usage: it can be used for competitions and professional skateboarding. 

Pros: skate tools are provided, handpicked wood is used, and the wheels are fast. 

Cons: unnecessary stickers on the board might ruin its looks.

What’s new: the galaxy design is new and unique.

Why you should buy it: this is the best skateboard for professionals and those who are willing to learn more skateboard tricks. 

5. Retrospec Skateboards


Brand– Retrospec

Color– Tangerine Wave

                     Deck width– 7.50 inches 

                     and length– 31 inches

                     Material– Wood

                     Wheel size– 52 mm

Performance: the wheels might need some time to break in, but after some tries, they start working very smoothly and swiftly. 

Comparison: it is very durable compared to the rest. The wheels don’t fall off even after hard and long landings. This is the best skateboard for tricks.  

Usage: these skateboards are professionally good and can perform various tricks.

Pros: wooden material, high shock-absorbing wheels, and high sustainability.  

Cons: it can only carry 90 kg of weight. 

What’s new: the design of the wooden materials makes it bestselling. 

Why you should buy it: It is perfect for trying new tricks or a skateboarding competition. 

Is 8.0 Aa a good size? 

An 8.0 A is a good size for adults but not for kids. This skateboard is very long that might not be comfortable for children. But adults who are pros at skateboarding can buy this skateboard size as it is longer it will give you more space to ride and do tricks on it. 

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