How To Choose The Best Longboard Bushings?

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Best Longboard Bushings

Mastering longboarding depends on your practice and determination. You can learn to do tricks just by practicing. But everything is not in your hand. To make your riding experience better, you use the best longboard bushings. The best longboard bushings will provide you required resistance on your longboard riding. You have to choose it based on your preference and style. 

How to choose the best longboard bushings for cruising?

How to choose the best longboard bushings for cruising

For cruising, you should choose ‘standard’ bushings. These types of bushings comprise one barrel and one cone bushings. These provide good stability at higher speeds, which is ideal for cruising.

How to choose the best longboard bushings for carving?

If you are going to carve on your longboard, you need extra stability and flexibility. You should choose a longboard bushing with soft and responsive bushing for it.

How to choose the best longboard bushings for sliding

For sliding down on your longboard, you need extra resistance. So, you can choose between medium-range to hard-range bushing with an 80-90 aa durometer.

How to choose the best type of longboard bushings?

How to choose the best type of longboard bushings

You need to choose your longboard bushing based on your riding preference. If you are up for curving, you should go for a soft bushing with a 78-83 aa durometer. And if you are up for downhill riding on your longboard wheels, then you should choose a hard bushing with a 91-98 aa durometer.

How to choose the best longboard bushing brands?

You can choose it based on the ratings and reviews. You also have to check if it has the required harness.

How to choose a bushings longboard?

You have to choose it according to the shape and durometer of hardness. You have to find it out by yourself. You should buy soft bushings between 78-83 aa durometer if you want soft bushings. And if you want to go for hard bushings that provide great resistance, you should buy a bushing that ranges between 91-98 aa durometer. Bushings with medium hardness levels are also available in today’s market.


1. How to replace longboard bushings?

Answers: Bushing is a small rubber ring that resides inside the board’s truck. Different shapes of longboard bushings replacements are available in the market. So, you can easily replace it just by using proper tools and following proper instructions from a YouTube video.

2. Which longboard is best for cruising?

Answers:  A complete longboard with a deep-through neck is best for cruising.

3. What are the best bushings for longboard dancing?

Answers: A longboard with an asymmetrical-looking deck design(twin shape) is the best for dancing.

4. How to choose longboard bushings?

Answers: You have to choose it depending on the amount of harness you want. You will get various types of brushings with different hardness ranges in the market.

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