Beginner’s Guide To Longboard Sliding: Tips And Tricks For Using Slide Wheels

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Longboard Sliding

Longboard sliding can be great fun to perform and watch as well. The skills take practice to perfect. Next time you can surely try a few tricks with your best longboard slide wheels after following this beginner’s guide. 

Beginner’s Guide To Longboard Sliding

Longboard Sliding

Before you learn some tricks of sliding it is important that if you are a beginner then you must avoid trying it over steep plains or across hilly areas. It is much safer if you try it first in parking lots or on flat surfaces. It is also important that you put on the appropriate safety gear such as a helmet, gloves, and knee pads.

  • Begin sliding at a moderate speed and try to pedal using one foot keeping it limited to eight pushes. As the longboard catches up speed, put both your feet over it and keep your knees slightly bent. Ensure both feet are across the two ends of the board with the appropriate width apart.
  •  Crouch down a bit keeping your knees bent and lean a bit towards the front. As you shift your weight across the front get ready to slide.
  • Put one hand over the side of the board and put the other hand on the ground going backward opposite to your toes. Stretch out your body and extend it as the longboards start to carve. The plates on the gloves shall create friction against the pavement making the board stop.
  • Look at your front shoulder from backward. While your wheels tend to drift over the pavement coming to a halt, it shall make your longboard drift at ninety degrees angle. Commit your hips to it and you shall see the whole body making the drift along with the board.

Sliding Downhill

Longboard Sliding
  • Speed up the pace of the longboard to complete the slide.
  • Ensure that you have slide enough for completing hundred and eighty degrees. This shall cut down your speed by half and then ride it out.
  • Avoid reaching far back using your hands or else you shall fall over your back on the ground. 
  •  Try to adjust the move by using the flexibility of your body and the current speed of the longboard. 
  • Always remember that both your feet are on the two ends of the longboard.  
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