Atom Longboard Review: The Best Longboard for an Unforgettable Ride

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atom longboard review

This board may deliver a very smooth, pleasant, and silent ride with only a few modest tweaks. It will also deliver the required glances of desire at the skateboard. In this article, you will get to know about some more atom longboard features.


The Atom longboard is 40 inches long and 10 inches wide with a strong grip that is made of 80 grit silicon carbide which makes it more durable. The base is 50 degrees with 7 inches of aluminum hangers. It comes with the best quality wheels which provide high traction and speed. The 78a atom quickies provide a high rebound to the longboard.


atom longboard review

Overall, the Atom longboard is ideal for cruising, acrobatics, and downward riding. It’s quite lightweight and suitable for any newbie or moderate longboarded. Even though it can do a limited lot of techniques, it is not designed to be a stunt expert. You will adore the way this longboard appears, feels, and glides. 


Several longboards in the market are less expensive than those created by Atom Longboards. However, most of the longboards are produced from inferior materials to keep the price cheap. As a result, consumers can buy cheap boards that aren’t pleasurable to ride. They scarcely turn, and they barely glide. Atom Longboards’ creators certainly did not intend that this would be the scenario with their item.


It is very easy to use atom longboards. You will be provided with a complete toolkit for the adjustment of trucks and bearings and also a user manual will be given. You can go through it and start riding even if you are a beginner.

Pros and Cons

If you read atom longboard reviews, you will get lots of good reviews about it. It is lightweight, durable, smooth, and provides you with a very comfortable ride. They are designed in such a way that beginners and intermediates can also be comfortable while riding. It doesn’t hold any major drawbacks. You only need to take care of good bearings and trucks as they might cause problems if not fitted properly.

What’s New? 

atom longboard review

Atom has built a longboard that almost all people can afford, is also visually appealing, and gives a ride that is as excellent as some of the costliest longboards available in the market.

Why should you buy it? 

That timber scent, feel, and touch. Take into consideration Atom’s excellent appearing boards, and the longboard is a clear winner based only on appearance. But it’s not only about aesthetics. The trucks are loosened right out of the box, so you have to pull the toolkit out and fix those things. The gripping tape of the longboard is of exceptional quality as seen by the atom drop longboard review. 


1. Is a shorter or longer longboard better?

Longboards are designed for specific use. Often people prefer longer longboards as they provide good grip while gliding. On the other hand, shorter ones are also in demand due to their flexibility.

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