A Guide To Choosing The Right Longboard Shoes For Your Style Of Riding

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A Guide To Choosing The Right Longboard Shoes For Your Style Of Riding

Indeed it is very important to choose the right kind of shoes for longboarding. But the challenge lies in the fact that there is a variety that may leave you confused to decide on the right one. So while you choose the best longboard shoes, here is a guide for you to help in choosing the right longboard shoes for your riding style.

Longboard Shoes

Longboard shoes are not just ordinary shoes but are built on purpose to give you the best longboarding experience. Special technology is used in these shoes to give you comfort, protection, and durability. There are four major areas that you must look for while choosing the right longboard shoes:

  1. Soles
  2. Features
  3. Upper Materials
  4. Styles
  5. Soles: Choosing the sole type that suits you the best is an important decision to make. There are two types of soles:
  • Cupsole Shoes: These are durable and absorb shock giving the best protection against impact during hard landings. A single rubber outsole unit is used to make them, and then the upper portion is sewed and glued together. Although they last long but are not very flexible. It is perfect for longboarders who like jumping off the edges as it gives the perfect cushion to the feet.
  • Vulcanized Shoes: These are flexible, light, and break in quickly. They do not offer much protection like cupsole but are lightweight. The upper outsole is attached using foxing tape around the perimeter of the shoe. When they are baked the rubber degrades and turns softer, more flexible, and thinner. It is best for cruising on the streets or making flips.
  1. Features: The features of the shoes make them last longer and keep the feet comfortable.
  • Heel Protection: Shoes with heel-protecting technology have zoom airbags in the insoles. Some manufacturers use EV foam too. Although it is low profile, gives the protection needed.
  • Gusset Tongues: In longboarding shoes, elastic midsole, and gusset tongues are used. It keeps the shoe snuggly fitted and the tongue in place.
  • Toe Caps: These are rubber strips that protect the most worn-out areas on the shoes making them durable.
  • Double-Wrapped Foxing Tape: It is a rubber strip across the borders of the shoes at the bottom. It protects the heels and toes.
  • Outsole Technology: Some manufacturers use hard technology on the outsole of the shoes making them three times more durable and strong.
  1. Upper Materials: Other than the sole the upper material of the longboarding shoe is a very important aspect too. The various types of them are:
  • Canvas: This material for longboarding shoes is very popular because of its breathability factor and lightweight. Though it is not durable. It is good for cruising and flip tricks.
  • Suede: These are a mix between leather and canvas and are abrasion resistant, and durable. The material is thinner than leather and so is best for long hours of longboarding sessions.
  • Leather: It is also one of the favorite choices of longboarders as it is durable and resistant. These shoes are perfect for longboarding tricks.
  • Textile: It is lightweight and breathable. Most shoes of this nature have a mix of suede too to make them durable.
  1. Styles: There are different styles of longboarding shoes too which makes the longboarding experience smoother. The styles are:
  • High-Tops: This shoe protects the ankle but is a little heavy.
  • Mid-Tops: These shoes allow great mobility and protection for ankles. It is popular.
  • Low-Tops: It covers a very lesser part of the ankles and does not protect them completely.
  • Slip-Ons: It is stylish and classic. There are no hassles with laces but it has less protection for the ankles.

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