5 Must-Have Accessories For Pintail Longboarders

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5 Must-Have Accessories For Pintail Longboarders

Pintail longboarding is indeed great fun but it also requires the backup of perfect accessories so that you can keep your surfing experiences smooth. So, while choosing your best pintail longboard, here are the 5 must-have accessories for pintail longboarders that you must buy.

  1. Skate Tool: It is one of the foremost accessories that you must buy. There will be times when the hardware of the pintail longboard shall become loose. And it is then the skate tool shall come a great handy. A perfect skate tool shall help you resolve the hardware issue and smooth your longboarding experiences.
  2. Bushings: It is always a useful idea to carry along a few extra bushings consisting of different durometers. Whenever you wish to tweak your longboarding experiences you can always tweak them out. They will not only give you quick responses while turning but also shall add smoothness during edge-to-edge transitions.
  3. Cleaner For Grip Tape: Grip tape is the one thing that will gather the most dirt during your longboarding. It needs to be cleaned regularly or else you will not get the grip underneath your feet while tweaking. So, it is essential that you buy a cleaner for the grip tape.
  4. Angled Risers: This is another one of the most accessories that you must buy. Just like the bushings it supports during your riding; it gives you the perfect lift and turns your wish. Remember while buying this angle riser pad do not buy the one that is a square riser. Square riser pads leave a gap between the baseplate and the board.
  5. Extra Hardware: It is always essential to buy some extra hardware so that you can easily replace it when something breaks or a nut loses. A few of the essential extra hardware of standard size that you must have are:
  • Wheel Nuts of 5/16 inches to 24 inches
  • Bolts about 10 to 32 pieces
  • Kingpin Nuts of 3/8 inches to 24 inches
  • Baseplate Nuts about 10 to 32 pieces
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